Ford Partners With Cisco in Hopes To Create a Mobile Office

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Ford has been the target of countless jokes in previous years. However, the Detroit automaker has poised itself to be one of the dominant brands of this decade. The new Mustang is expected to excite gearheads, its EV lineup may outcompete Tesla, and the company continues to develop new innovations. 
One such example is how new Ford EVs are being designed to function as a remote office. 

Why a Ford EV works better than a normal car

Trying to do office work in a combustion engine car isn't practical. The engine would generate noise, running the AC would burn fuel, and internet connectivity would often rely on cellular networks. 
All those problems can be remedied in a new Ford EV. EV engines are very silent and can run the AC without draining the battery. Additionally, most EV cabins would be noticeably quieter than a coffee shop for taking calls or jumping into meetings. 
The benefits don't end there, as most Ford EVs are chock-full of microphones and speakers. This provides a more immersive environment than normal earbuds or headphones. Of course, most remote meetings today are done through video conferencing, meaning a good connection is needed. 
To accommodate this need, Ford partnered with Cisco to make their cars the best place to host a meeting. 

Why did Ford partner with Cisco?

The Drive recently reported that Ford has partnered with Cisco to build an integrated infotainment system for hosting meetings. The infotainment system is named SYNC 4A and runs on an HTML 5 backend. The 15.5" screen allows plenty of space to engage in remote meetings successfully. 
"We don't see why people wouldn't be using their vehicles as a fantastic quality office," said Darren Palmer, Ford's Vice President of Electric Vehicle Programs, to The Drive. To put the Cisco system to the test, Palmer decided to spend a whole workday in his F-150 Lighting.  
He was pleased with the results, saying that "It was air-conditioned, quiet, with fantastic sound quality. And it barely touched the range of the vehicle, because comparatively, SYNC 4A uses almost no power."
In regard to safety, the SYNC 4A has a feature that would disable the video feed in meetings while in drive mode. Drivers will still be able to speak and listen during meetings, but will have to pull over to see their colleagues and visual presentations. 

The next step in the evolution of remote work

This new Ford remote office is a godsend to those who already work on the road. You can now take meetings in the comfort of your own car instead of in a noisy cafe or cramped hotel room. But with the rise of remote workers from the pandemic, office cars may become popular even for non-road warriors. 
For those working at home, an office car is a nice quiet escape from noisy kids or neighbors running power tools. For those who embarked on the digital nomad lifestyle, they won't have to hunt down workstations if they bring their Ford EV with them. 

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