EVs May Shift from 400 to 800 Volt Systems By 2025—Meaning Faster Charging Speeds For Everyone

Jason Crosby
Updated on May 20, 2022 · 3 min read
Charging speeds have been the bane of EVs, preventing many people from making the switch to a fully electric model. But thanks to new developments in the car industry, many automakers are hoping to upgrade their vehicle’s powertrains to 800-volt charging systems. But how, exactly, can scaling up an EV’s voltage help us charge faster when we plug in our car? 
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What are the benefits of 800-volt systems? 

According to InsideEVs, most of the auto industry plans on switching to 800-volt electrical systems by the year 2025, which isn’t too far off. The benefits of 800-volt architecture include faster charging times and improved performance—all of which could help car buyers make the switch to an EV. In theory, jumping from 400 volts to 800 will offer a 50% decrease in charging times.
GreenCars even suggests that 800-volt systems could reduce the weight of EVs, something that could potentially save lives in automobile accidents. EVs are incredibly heavy due to their massive batteries, which creates a huge amount of momentum when they collide with other traditional vehicles. 

Which carmakers currently offer 800-volt systems? 

As of right now, only a few carmakers actually offer 800-volt systems. Audi, Porsche, Kia, and Hyundai are all leading the pack, offering several models with 800-volt systems. However, the Lucid Air is far ahead of everyone else, packing a whopping 900-volt system. 
The Lucid Air is also leaps and bounds ahead of other companies in terms of battery range, with a battery range of over 500-mile. 

Will upgrading to 800-volt systems raise the price of EVs? 

That’s still yet to be seen. Right now, nearly every company from Tesla to Hyundai is trying to lower the cost of their EVs, as high prices are holding back a lot of consumers from purchasing an electric vehicle. 
As TheStreet reports, EVs are 25% more expensive than they were in 2021, which is a troubling new statistic. Hopefully, consumers won’t have to choose between slower charge times in a 400-volt system and higher costs for an 800-volt system, but that’s likely to be the case. 
If you’re looking to find an 800-volt EV for an affordable price, consider shopping for one that’s used—you may be able to knock thousands off the price tag. 

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