Everything We Know About the Ram Electric Truck

Ram doesn’t have an electric truck yet, but the Ram 1500 BEV is set to enter production in 2024. Here’s what we know so far.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Jun 20, 2022
The electric truck wars are just beginning, and
is biding its time before it enters the field. The automaker has promised that its Ram 1500 battery electric vehicle (BEV) will start production in 2024 and blow the competition away in terms of range, power, and good old-fashioned truck capability. 
With the buzz around all-electric pickups like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Tesla’s long-awaited Cybertruck reaching deafening pitches, Ram has yet to release an electrified version of their beloved
Ram 1500
pickup. CEO Mike Koval says they’re taking their time to make sure they’re able to meet customers’ real-world demands—but what will the electric Ram 1500 look like? 
Here to walk you through everything we know about the upcoming Ram 1500 BEV is
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Does Ram have an electric truck?

Short answer: not yet. 
Other truck giants, like
, have already released electrified versions of their bestselling trucks. The
Ford F-150 Lightning
Chevrolet Silverado EV
are selling out at dizzying speeds, while the singular truck offering of EV behemoth
has roughly one million reservations. 
But Ram—the only automaker dedicated solely to turning out trucks and vans—still hasn’t gone electric. Why? 
Mike Koval, Ram’s CEO, says the reason is simple: they don’t want to compromise on the things that really matter to truck owners, like
towing capabilities
, payload capacity, and
sheer workaday power
. Although engineers are making huge strides in these areas, electric technology still can’t match gas power when it comes to the things trucks do best. 
Still, electric is the way of the future, and Ram knows it. That’s why they’ve announced plans for the Ram 1500 BEV, which will enter production in 2024. 

What we know about the Ram 1500 so far

Ram hasn’t released much detail about the upcoming battery-electric truck, but they’ve made some big promises. Promises like: 
  • 500+ mile driving range 
  • 159-200 kWh battery packs
  • Fast-charging capabilities 
By comparison, the super-hyped F-150 Lightning’s top range (with a battery upgrade) is 320 miles, and even the Tesla Cybertruck is promising no more than 500 miles for its top-of-the-line Tri-Motor configuration. Ram’s dreaming big in order to meet its customers’ expectations—but will the technology be able to make good on those promises? 
Apart from those estimates, all we know is that the truck will be built on Stellantis’s STLA Frame platform, using a dual cab configuration. Teaser images don’t give much away beyond a dark, futuristic silhouette featuring a low, aerodynamic body. Whether the final version of the truck will bring those images to life, only time will tell. 
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Ram’s electric future

While Ram hasn’t yet released many specifics on the electrified 1500 pickup, that’s not the end of their EV plans—in fact, it looks like just the beginning. Ram has promised that by 2025, every vehicle in its lineup will have some level of electrification. In some cases, that will mean a fully electric vehicle; in others, we’re looking at hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain options. 
If you’re a Ram fan and want to contribute ideas for the automaker’s emerging electric visions, you’re in luck: the company is inviting drivers to share their thoughts and become part of the
“Ram Revolution.”

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