Chevy Just Undercut Nissan To Offer the Cheapest Electric Car on the Market

Andrew Koole
Updated on Jun 19, 2022 · 3 min read
In the EV market, discussions rarely focus on a race to the bottom of anything. Every car brand seems intent on increasing everything related to the powertrain, from production numbers to battery range. But for the last decade, Chevy and Nissan have vyed for the lowest number in one of the industry’s most important factors: price. And consistently, the Chevy Bolt has been undercut by Nissan’s Leaf—until now. 

Chevy slashed the prices of both Bolts

Chevrolet has been busy with its Bolts. Besides handling a crippling number of recalls for the original subcompact model, the GM-owned brand also introduced a new sibling for the EV, a slightly larger and taller version that can only loosely be described as a crossover.
The Chevy Bolt EUV, as it’s called, runs on the same parts as its smaller, older family member, but with a little more legroom in the backseat and the options of a sunroof and driver-assist features not currently available in the O.G. Bolt. 
The Bolt EUV still costs an extra $1,600, but it’s price drop is even more significant. The Drive says the base and Premium EUV trims both cost $6,300 less than they did at the beginning of the year. The cheapest model’s MSRP is now $28,195.

The Chevy Bolts and the Nissan Leaf, compared

The Nissan Leaf started 2022 the same way it had for more than a decade: as the most affordable electric car on the market. 
That feather in it’s cap drew enough buyers over the years to warrant its continued production, but the recent explosion of new EVs on the market have definitely cut into the car’s popularity. 
Its measily 149 miles of range hasn’t helped any, either. The range-boosting Leaf Plus arrived in 2019 and bumped the miles its charge could give to 226. But that still puts it behind the ranges of both Bolts. A fully charged Bolt can go for 259 miles and a Bolt EUV lasts for up to 247 miles.
Now that the Bolt has stolen the prize for cheapest EV as well, the only claim the Leaf has on its primary rival is its reliability. The Nissan hasn’t been burdened nearly as heavily by recalls and mechanical problems as the Bolt in recent years.

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