A British EV Motorcycle For Under $5,000? Say No More

We’re in love with the Maeving RM1, an affordable, efficient EV motorcycle that looks almost as amazing as its price tag—find out more.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Oct 17, 2022
may not get as much press as their four-wheeled cousins, but that might start to change. Especially with the release of the Maeving RM1, a beautiful, boutique-style EV motorcycle that’s available for less than $5,000. Though you can’t take the kids to soccer practice on the back of the RM1, you can certainly use this electric motorcycle for commuting and other practical forms of travel. 
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Maeving, the EV motorcycle company that you’ve never heard of

The RM1 is produced by Maeving, a British company solely focused on producing affordable, quality electric motorcycles, as
reports. The motorcycle company has former employees from Triumph, a well-known gas-powered motorcycle producer. 
Part of what makes Maeving so appealing is its focus on functional aesthetics and affordability. $5,000 can get you a decently priced EV bike—so just how much electric motorcycle can the same amount get you? 

For just $5,000, is the Maeving RM1 worth the price? 

We cast our vote: It’s a resounding yes. First, in terms of battery range, this EV motorcycle has about 80 miles of range—and that’s using both batteries, so 40 miles apiece. That might not sound like much, but the battery-powered, retro-looking motorcycle costs only one tenth of the price of a mid-range EV. 
Maeving lets RM1 owners buy a second charger, so if you’re using this
electric motorcycle
as a method of commuting, you could charge one battery at home, and the other at work. For most drivers, 80 miles of battery life should get them through the work week. 

This EV motorcycle looks like it should cost a lot more money

One of the most noticeable things about the design of the Maeving RM1 is that the company hasn’t tried to disguise that it’s an electric motorcycle. They accomplished this by concealing the main battery and electronics in brushed alloy cases, similar to a
gas-powered motorcycle
They also covered the RM1’s electrical cables in silver, metallic-looking braided coating that looks almost like an exhaust pipe, and knobby street tires give the motorcycle an intimidating stance. There’s not a single piece of plastic to be found on the RM1’s body—even the batteries have wood insets on their handles and sides. 

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