Wyoming REAL ID: What You Need to Know

Starting on May 3rd, 2023, your Wyoming driver’s license must meet the standards of the REAL ID Act if you want to use it to board domestic flights.
Written by Jasmine Kanter
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
You’ll have to upgrade your Wyoming driver’s license to comply with the standards of the REAL ID Act by May 3rd, 2023 if you want to keep using it to board domestic flights. 
Your Wyoming driver’s license is an important piece of identification, both on and off the road. If you’re used to presenting it to the TSA at airport checkpoints, you may have to change your ID: as of 2023, federal regulations mandate that certain forms of documentation must comply with REAL ID standards in order to be accepted.
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What is REAL ID?

A REAL ID is any piece of identification that meets the new standards outlined in the
of 2005. The Act includes stronger anti-forgery measures, more stringent verification checks before issuing ID, and a higher amount of info printed on the cards themselves—including a telltale star placed in the upper right corner. While rollout has been slow, states have been given a hard deadline to start checking for REAL IDs by 2023

Who needs a REAL ID?

Beginning May 3rd, 2023, REAL IDs are required for everyone who wants to complete an “official purpose,” which include: 
  • Entering a nuclear power plant
  • Entering a federal facility, like a military base
  • Boarding any federally-regulated commercial flight, which includes domestic routes
Whether or not you need a REAL ID will likely come down to your occupation. If you’re a nuclear power plant worker, active military member, steward, pilot, or simply a frequent flyer, it probably makes sense to get yourself an enhanced driver’s license that meets REAL ID standards. Just remember to do so by 2023.
If you don’t want to upgrade your license, TSA agents will continue to accept other forms of identification instead. For a full list, check out the
TSA website
Key Takeaway The standards for identity documents are set to change in 2023 under the REAL ID Act.

How to get a Wyoming REAL ID

You’re only three steps away from getting a REAL ID in Wyoming: 
  • First, check the
    list of documents required
    by the Wyoming Department of Transportation so you can get your paperwork in order.
  • Second, make
    an online appointment
    at your local WY DoT office.
  • Finally, don’t forget to bring all your documents to your appointment and pay the fee!
It costs $35 to receive or renew a Wyoming driver’s license and $10 to receive a state identification card. There is no additional fee for making these documents REAL ID-compliant. 

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Department of Homeland Security’s website
has the full list of activities that will require a REAL ID after May 3rd, 2023. They include accessing sensitive areas like power plants and military bases, as well as boarding domestic flights.
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