How To Get a Wyoming Motorcycle License

You must pass a safety training course before you can get a Wyoming motorcycle license or endorsement. Here’s how.
Written by James Ellaby
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
To get a motorcycle license in Wyoming, you need to pass a written motorcycle test, a skills test, and a vision test.
Wyoming’s wide open spaces and stunning landscapes make it a perfect state for motorcycle lovers to explore. From the Chief Joseph Highway through the Rocky Mountains to the Wild West scenery of Highway 270, America’s least populated state is ideal for getting away from it all on your bike.
Luckily, getting a Wyoming motorcycle license is straightforward, though there are several stages to get through before you can ride your motorbike on its stunning highways. But what are they?
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Do you need a license to operate a motorcycle in Wyoming?

Yes, you need a driving license to legally drive a motorcycle in Wyoming. This must be a valid driver's license, instruction permit, intermediate license, or restricted license. Wyoming licenses are issued by the Driver Services Program of the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).
The only people who don’t need a license are: 
  • Employees of the U.S. Government operating Government vehicles.
  • Members of the Armed Forces stationed in Wyoming who have a valid license from another state.
  • Full-time university or college students with a valid license from another state.
  • Any person licensed by a Driver License Compact (DLC) state.
To get a driving license in Wyoming you need to be at least 16 years old, and you can not have had your license suspended, canceled, or revoked in another state.

How to add a motorcycle endorsement to your Wyoming driver’s license

If you already have a driver’s license in Wyoming, you need an endorsement attached to it to allow you to drive a motorcycle legally. 
To get this endorsement, you need to be at least 17 years old, be able to present all necessary identifying documents (
proof of identity, proof of residency, and Social Security number
), and pass a written test and motorcycle skills test.
Let’s break that down. The process of obtaining a motorcycle endorsement is covered in the
Wyoming Statutes Title 31
and, in this case, assumes that you already have a valid Wyoming driver’s license.
The written test covers the rules of the road and safe driving practices. It requires you to identify signals, pavement markings, and traffic signs. You’ll also need to correctly answer multiple-choice questions about traffic laws, safety rules, crash prevention, and vehicle equipment. 
The skills test checks your ability to accelerate, brake, and turn safely, plus how well you know your bike and your riding limits. You need to show that you can see, be seen, and communicate with other drivers. You’ll also need to demonstrate your ability to adjust your speed and position relative to traffic. This may include stopping, turning, and swerving quickly, making critical decisions, and carrying them out. 
You may also be assessed on selecting safe speeds to perform maneuvers, choosing the correct path, and completing normal and quick stops, turns, and swerves.
Once you have passed these tests you can go to your local WYDOT office with the required paperwork and the $11 motorcycle endorsement fee.

Basic Rider Course

There is an alternative route to a license. You don’t need to do the written or skills test if you participate in a Basic Rider Course (BRC). To do this you need to be at least 15 years old (though under-18s need written permission from a parent or guardian) and pay a $50 fee for Wyoming residents ($150 for non-residents).
The BRC is designed for those with little or no riding experience and contains 15 hours of instruction, both in the classroom and on a motorcycle. A mandatory e-Course must be completed within ten days of the class.
As long as you apply for a motorcycle endorsement within two years of completing the course, providing a completion card allows a waiver of the testing requirements for a license.
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How to get a motorcycle-only license in Wyoming

For anyone over 15 without a driver’s license, it is possible to get a restricted motorcycle permit in Wyoming. A permit is valid for 90 days and doesn’t allow you to carry passengers on your motorcycle. This is subject to the completion of a written exam and a vision test. 
You can gain a full-year intermediate license if you are 16 and over. You’ll have to pass a riding skills test and practice driving for at least 50 hours—10 of which must be at night.

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There is a motorcycle license test in Wyoming that comes in two stages. First, there is the written test, and then you need to undertake a skills test. Both are essential for gaining a license unless you can prove that you have taken a Basic Rider Course.
If you are caught driving without a license in Wyoming you will be responsible for the fines and towing fees and can be charged with a misdemeanor or imprisoned for up to 6 months, face a fine of up to $750, or both.
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