Who Owns Porsche?

In 2011, Porsche was technically purchased by Volkswagen AG. But Porsche is the majority owner of Volkswagen AG. So, it’s complicated.
Written by Sophie Boka
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
In 2011, German automaker Porsche was purchased by mega-corporation Volkswagen AG. Yet Porsche is a majority investor in Volkswagen AG. So the definition of ownership gets a bit blurry.
German automakers Porsche and Volkswagen go way back. They’ve been collaborators for years. So when Volkswagen AG purchased Porsche in 2011, the group allowed Porsche to retain its control. This made the merging more of a partnership than a traditional buyout.
Under the Volkswagen AG umbrella, Porsche is one make in an incredibly large lineup. Eager to learn more about the relationship between these automobile giants? We've got you covered.
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Who owns Porsche?

On one level, the answer is simple: Volkswagen AG owns Porsche. Now for the complication: who owns Volkswagen AG? Around 53% of its shares are owned by the holding company Porsche SE, which is owned by the Porsche family.
Confusing? Yes. Intentional? Absolutely. Porsche SE is the Porsche family’s holding company. Volkswagen agreed to let Porsche SE become the majority owner of Volkswagen AG if Volkswagen AG could take over Porsche management. This way, the Porsche family could retain ownership while Volkswagen AG could take control of the brand.

What other makes does Volkswagen AG own?

Volkswagen AG’s auto kingdom spans the globe, so pack your bags and get ready for some globe-trotting.
In addition to the German Porsche, the company owns
and its namesake,
From Germany, we move next door to Czechia to find Volkswagen AG’s car brand Škoda. Škoda is one of the world’s oldest carmakers and profits, second to Porsche.
Next, we fly east to Spain for the dynamic Spanish car make SEAT. Then hop across the border to France for Bugatti, a brand known for its race cars, including the Type 54 Grand Prix and Type 41 “Royale.”
Zoom further south for the Italian Lamborghini and its luxury sports cars and SUVs. Then we jump back north to Britain to the
for its coveted, hand-crafted range of luxury vehicles. Finally, we leave Europe for China, where we find Volkswagen’s first joint-venture, sub-brand, JETTA.

Where are Porsches made?

This answer is simple! Since the company’s 1931 founding, all Porsches have been made in Germany.
Porsches are manufactured in several German cities, but Zuffenhausen is the main production site in the country. Porsches are also manufactured in Leipzig, Weissach, Ludwigsburg, Sachseinhem, and Bietigheim-Bissingen. 
Key Takeaway Porsche’s ownership can be hard to understand. And its lineup is all over the map. But its manufacturing is simple: Porsche is a German-made car through and through.
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A short history of Porsche ownership

We know about present ownership, but what came before?
Porsche was founded in 1931 by German automaker Ferdinand Porsche and his partners, initially providing design expertise to other car companies.
One of Porsche’s first assignments was to design a government-sponsored car for the people: the Volkswagen. Thus the connection between the two automakers was born.
Ferdinand would later take on a chair position at Volkswagen. But he would lose this seat after the Volkswagen factory was taken by the British in World War II.
Post-WWII, the family-owned company took off, becoming a major player in the automobile industry. In the 60s and 70s, a few of its successful makes were collaborations with none other than Volkswagen.
Flash forward to the mid-90s, and the Porsche family’s connection with Volkswagen was formalized when Porsche’s nephew Ferdinand Piëch became the company’s executive chairman and CEO
Piëch now owns around 13% of the company’s voting shares of Porsche SE, second to his cousin, who holds around 14%.
Today, the company has merged with Volkswagen AG, allowing for Porsche family control.

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