What Kind of Car Does Michael Scott Drive?

The Office begins and ends with Micheal Scott in a Chrysler Sebring, but this list has all the cars he ever drove on the show.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Michael Scott drove several cars during his time at Dunder Mifflin, but none meant more to him than his beloved Chrysler Sebring convertible.
The characters in The Office spend most of their time indoors, but that doesn’t make the cars they drive any less integral to their personalities. In fact, for Steve Carrell’s character, Michael Scott, cars mark pivotal moments in his relationships with other characters and with Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.
Here's everything you ever wanted to know about Michael Scott’s cars in The Office.
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2004 Chrysler Sebring Limited

Starting price: $30,845
Engine: 2.4L inline-four
For the first four seasons of The Office, the middle manager you love to hate drove a 2004 silver
Chrysler Sebring Limited
convertible. In fact, the Sebring would be the vehicle viewers would come to associate most with Michael.
While the Sebring Limited featured a 150-horsepower 2.7L V6 engine, it didn’t actually have a sporting bone in its body. The car was, essentially, Michael in vehicle form—all style and no substance. Even the choice of a convertible makes no sense given the northeast’s harsh winters.
Fun Fact Money was tight for the first couple of seasons of production on The Office, so Michael’s original Sebring was a rental.
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Early 2000s Ford Taurus

Starting price:$20,830
Engine: 3.0L six-cylinder
For one iconic episode, “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” (Season 4, Episode 2), Michael drives a rental car because—as we learn in a deleted scene—his Sebring is in the shop for repairs. In the episode’s early scenes, Michael raves about the car’s GPS and its “soothing” voice, but by the end of the episode, he drives the car into Lake Scranton.
For those wondering, yes, they drove an actual car into an actual lake—sort of. The early 2000s
used by the crew of The Office had been stripped of its engine, gas tank, oil, and other fluids to protect the lake from pollution. That, of course, means they couldn’t drive the car into the lake—it was hooked to a rig that pulled the car into the water and stopped it from going in too deep.
It’s clear to everyone that Michael is at fault for this accident, but he decides to blame the very GPS system he spent the beginning of the show praising, even claiming it wants to kill him.

2007 Porsche Boxster

Starting price: $45,600
Engine: 2.7L V6 
Not too long after the Taurus-in-the-lake situation, Michael takes the bus to work because he’s sold his beloved Sebring to pay for his girlfriend Jan’s
Porsche Boxster
Given their situation—Jan has just been fired from Dunder Mifflin—buying any new car is the worst possible idea, so, in true, over-the-top-Jan, and irresponsible-man-child-Michael fashion, they choose to trade in both their cars for a flashy sports car that screams success, even as they fail at life and love.

2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Starting price: $18,000
Engine: 2.4L four-cylinder
After Jan and Michael break up, we see Michael driving a bright red
PT Cruiser
convertible. The 150-hp PT is certainly a more responsible choice for him, but it's quite the stark contrast to the classy Porsche he had been driving—when Jan would let him.
If fans thought the Sebring convertible was all style and no substance, Michael really brings it home with the cherry-red Cruiser—a car more often driven by little old ladies than successful businessmen. 

2008-2009 Chrysler Sebring

Starting price: $35,125
Engine: 3.5L V6
In the last seasons of The Office, Michael comes into a decent sum of money with the sale of his offshoot Michael Scott Paper Company back to Dunder Mifflin. Rather than using his influx of cash to buy himself a new car, he options a new Sebring into the sales deal—at least, he tries to.
Always the “shrewd” businessman, Michael thinks he’s taking advantage of Dunder Mifflin negotiators when he demands a new Sebring be included in his buyout, but he’s visibly annoyed (nothing new for Michael) when they inform him that Chrysler has discontinued the model. Viewers don’t learn how, but by the end of the episode, Michael is happily seated in a burgundy  Sebring convertible that will stick with him until the end of the show.

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