The Best Volkswagen Station Wagons

Volkswagen discontinued station wagons in 2019, but you can still find a used sports wagon for a reasonable price.
Written by Max Werner
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Volkswagen pulled station wagons from its US lineup back in 2019, but plenty of them remain on the used market.
When you think of Volkswagen, you can’t ignore the brand's reliability, speed, and of course classic station wagons. However, the dreams of many United States drivers (to buy a new Volkswagen wagon) were crushed in 2019. 
You can still buy a used Volkswagen station wagon, though. In the market for the perfect family road tripper?
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Does Volkswagen still make a station wagon?

Volkswagen stopped selling station wagons in the United States in 2019. The last station wagon sold was the Golf Sportwagen: A perfect blend of hatchback and wagon design. As it stands, Volkswagen has no plans to reintroduce station wagons to the U.S. market.

What’s the difference between a station wagon and a hatchback?

The station wagon is a timeless classic, but many don’t know why (or how) it exists. Here are the basic elements that make up a station wagon:
  • A long body (longer than a hatchback or sedan)
  • Extended cargo space (with liftgate)
  • Usually includes a D-pillar (Rearmost support on station wagons and SUVs)
Sedans utilize a three-box design—one area for the engine, one for the passenger, and one for rear storage. Hatchbacks and station wagons are two-box vehicles, meaning they combine the seating and storage areas into one box!
The key design choice differentiating hatchbacks and wagons is an emphasis on aesthetics. Hatchbacks feature a smooth, short body that accentuates style over cargo space. Station wagons have a boxier design providing more room for storage and passengers.
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The best Volvo station wagons of all time

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

Production years: 2015-2019
Price range: $22,400-$22,790
Cargo volume: 66.5 cubic feet (rear seats folded)
Worst year: 2017
It’s easy to imagine the Golf Sportwagen if you’re already familiar with the classic
Volkswagen Golf
design. This model stretched the Golf’s design, creating additional storage and seating space. Practicality wasn’t the only reason to buy a new Sportwagen, though. The 2019 model packed a 1.8 L 4-cylinder engine—making the performance edition, equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, a true joy to drive.
Notably, the Sportwagen scored a 5/5 NHTSA overall safety rating—performing well in crash tests and featuring various driver-assist features. Key features of base model Sportwagens included:
  • Automated emergency brake
  • Forward-collision warning
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind-spot monitoring

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Production years: 2017-2019
Price range: $26,850-$27,790
Cargo volume: 60.5 cubic feet (rear seats folded)
Worst year: 2017
These off-road adventures came standard with all-wheel drive and 6.7 inches of ground clearance. Like its Golf counterpart, the Alltrack scored 5/5 in the NHTSA’s safety ratings system thanks in part to a wide range of driver-assist features and near-perfect crash test results.
The Alltrack was designed with precision in mind. Tight steering gave drivers unmatched control for a vehicle in its class, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability gave passengers plenty of entertainment in the spacious interior.

Volkswagen Jetta Wagon/Sportwagen

Production years: 2001-2005, 2008-2011
Price range: $11,362-$15,649
Cargo volume: 66.9 cubic feet (rear seats down)
Worst year: 2014
This one was the showstopper. Volkswagen has claimed that the Jetta wagon was a bestseller in U.S. markets and it’s easy to see why. Notable features include 66.9 cubic feet of total cargo space, Bluetooth audio, heated mirrors, and an eight-speaker sound system. It received an impressive 4 out of 5 NHTSA rollover crash test score. 
All in all, most drivers bought Jetta Wagons for their unmatched comfort and additional features. Popular add-ons included:
  • Rearview camera
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Navigation system
  • Push-to-start
  • Satellite radio
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Are Volkswagen station wagons reliable?

Volkswagen station wagons were some of the safest cars on the market. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the brand's reliability. While most drivers will pay $676 for annual Volkswagen maintenance, the German automakers' station wagons were extremely prone to recalls—the
Jetta Sportwagen
alone racked up 43 recalls.
If you’re buying one used, it’s likely these recalls have been settled. Still, expect to spend a few hundred dollars a year on maintenance, especially for models with high mileage.

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