Toyota Prius Towing Capacity

A Toyota Prius can tow up to 1,598 pounds when a trailer hitch is installed.
Written by Kaitlin May
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
An electric vehicle pioneer, the Toyota Prius wasn’t originally outfitted for towing, but its towing capacity has been listed as 1,598 pounds since 2015.
The Prius’ smooth handling and comfortable cabin were designed to aptly maneuver through the streets—but not necessarily with cargo in tow. Although installing a trailer hitch can open up some towing possibilities for the Prius, it’s essential to know its limits.
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How much can a Toyota Prius tow?

Maximum towing capacity: 1,600 pounds
Engines: 1.8L 4-cylinder
As a hybrid, engine power isn’t a strong suit of the Toyota Prius. The manufacturer originally discouraged owners from towing anything. But Toyota has since changed its tune.
Since 2015, the listed towing capacity for the Prius is 1,598 pounds. Although there are slight variations between models, the maximum towing capacity of the Prius V is 1,600 pounds
If towing is high on your priority list, however, you might want to consider another model. The Toyota 4Runner, for example, has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

Trailer hitches for the Toyota Prius

Although Priuses don’t come equipped with a pre-installed tow package, you can install a trailer hitch on your own. The
CURT 11276 Class 1 Trailer Hitch
is a smart option. Just double-check to ensure that whichever hitch you choose is compatible with your model. 
Keep in mind that while the exact towing capacity may vary from a Prius C to a Prius V, they’re all within a couple of pounds of 1,600.
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How to calculate the towing capacity you need

The Prius may have the little (electrical) engine that could, but you shouldn’t overload it when towing cargo. Keeping the heaviest load you pull lower than your total towing capacity is not only better for your car, but it’s safer for you. That means you’ll need to factor in the weight of the trailer you’re pulling, as well as the weight of the load, before you hit the road.
Here are some trailers that are safe for a Prius to pull with small loads:
  • Jayco Hummingbird (1,545 pounds) 
  • Taxa Outdoors TigerMoth (1,310 pounds) 
  • Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro (1,133 pounds)
If you’re gearing up for a camping weekend under the stars, you’ll need to consider the weight of the gear you’re bringing along before you pack up your Prius. These are some campers that the Prius can accommodate:
  • Pika Teardrop Trailer (1,025 pounds)
  • NuCamp Tag (1,269 pounds)
  • LG MyPod (840 pounds) 
Don’t forget to include the weight of your luggage and any other essentials onboard your Prius in the total weight you’re towing. The weight of the passengers should be factored in, too. Calculating it all ahead of time is crucial since an uneven weight distribution could compromise vehicle performance and safety.

How to increase towing capacity

Since the Prius wasn’t built for towing, there’s no safe way to increase its towing capacity. The hybrid engine maxes out at the 1,600-pound limit no matter how you slice it. Since the frame of the car is lightweight, a heavy trailer could cause substantial damage.
On the plus side, you won’t have to deal with common towing obstacles like installing signals or weighing in at checkpoints. If your towing needs are limited to smaller trailers, you can get the best of both worlds with your Prius.

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Not necessarily—while the Prius can tow up to 1,600 pounds, it wasn’t built to tow large loads. If you love the Prius and don’t need to tow often or haul heavier cargo, then it might be sufficient for your needs.
Yes. You can add an aftermarket trailer hitch to a Toyota Prius.
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