These Are the Secret Subaru Key Fob Tricks You Need to Know

Bet you didn’t know that some Subaru’s key fob can turn off your car lights. Learn more Subaru key fob tricks right here.
Written by Rob Shapiro
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
key fobs can do one or more of the following: open/close the hatch, lock/unlock doors and/or gas caps, or even turn off the lights. There’s even a physical key hidden inside.
Every generation of a vehicle gets more advanced. They often have so many features that it’s hard to know them all. If you think your key fob can only unlock the doors to your Subaru, it’s time to learn the truth. These key fobs can unlock a gas cap, turn on your lights, and maybe even more. 
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How to find the hidden key in your Subaru key fob

It can be really frustrating if you’re locked out of your car because your key fob battery is dead.  Subaru thought of this by hiding an actual key in the fob.
To access that key, locate the tiny button on the back of the fob. Press it and pull on the keychain to release the key. Only one side of the key works and it is only compatible with the driver’s side. Once you’re done, make sure you place it back into the fob. It can take a little bit of effort to push it all the way back in.
This nifty key might look odd, but it ensures that you never get stuck in a parking lot because your Subaru key fob battery died. 
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How to start a Subaru when your key fob battery is dead

Remember that hidden key trick we just taught you? Well, it also starts your car when your Subaru key fob battery can’t initiate the keyless start. 
With a dead fob, use the hidden key to enter the car. Now, your car alarm will probably sound. To stop it, step on the brake, then push and hold the fob against the “Engine Start Stop” button. 
But how do you start the car? It’s simple! Again, place the fob against the “Engine Start Stop” button.There’s a transmitter in the fob that will connect to the car and start it, even if the fob battery is dead. 

How to enable Subaru key fob tricks

Before becoming a Subaru key fob magician who has mastered every trick in the manual, you’ll need to make sure that your key fob is enabled by the operating system of your vehicle. 
Start by understanding what type of key fob you have. If you have a tear-shaped key fob, you can program it yourself. If you have a rectangular key fob, you will most likely have to take it to a certified dealership. If you aren’t sure, your owner’s manual should have this information. 
To program your Subaru key fob, follow these directions:
  • Look for the transmitter circuit board inside your key fob (instructions for opening it should be in your owner’s manual). There should be one or two sets of numbers (8-digits) on the board.
  • Write this number down and keep it close.
  • Make sure you close the fob case before proceeding.
  • Have a seat in your Subaru, close the door, and make sure the engine is turned off.
For the next step, you’ll have to move fast to get the timing right:
  • Open the driver’s door, then use the door button control to unlock each door. Next, close the driver’s door.
  • Put the key in the ignition. Turn it to the first position, initiating the electrical systems while the engine is still off. Now, turn it back off. Do this ten times in a row as quickly as possible.
  • After the tenth time, you should hear a chime from the instrument panel.
  • Next, you need to open and close the driver’s door again. Listen for a confirmation chime and watch to see if your dome light flashes.
  • You only have 45 seconds to enter the 8-digit transmitter number into the engine computer as the chime goes off.
Here are the steps to complete programming your Subaru key fob:
  • Use the first digit of your transmitter number and press the driver’s side lock/unlock button according to that number. Repeat this process for each digit until you have done the entire number.
  • For example, in the number “87654321”, press the button eight times for the first digit, seven for the second digit, and so forth.
  • If done correctly, you should hear a chime outside of the vehicle.
  • You will need to enter the number one more time.
  • You should hear the vehicle’s locking system click in engagement.
  • Open and close the door
  • Press the lock/unlock button on the key fob
  • Remove the key from the ignition and listen closely for a chime.
  • Open and close the door for the last time. 
  • The key fob should start working in 5 seconds!

    Subaru key fob basics: remote start, unlock, and lock

    Here are some Subaru key fob basics in case you are unfamiliar with the general functions of this device. Keep in mind that this might not work with every Subaru. 
    • To start your car remotely, press the start button two times within three seconds
    • To unlock your car, press the unlock button once. To get the horn and light confirmation, hit the button twice. 
    • To lock your Subaru, simply hit the lock button once. Double click if you want horn and light feedback. 

    How to lock and unlock the door to the gas cap using the key fob

    By unlocking your doors, you are also unlocking the door to the gas cap. The same goes for locking your doors. If you’re at a gas station and find the door to the gas cap locked, try unlocking the doors with your key fob.

    How to turn off lights using the key fob

    This one is a pretty cool key fob hack! Pressing the lock button once will lock the car doors, but pressing it twice will turn off all of the car's lights. 
    This way, you should never arrive at your car only to find the battery dead because you left the lights on.

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