How Bad Is San Antonio Traffic?

San Antonio has the 5th worst traffic in the state of Texas, with an average of 36 hours lost to congestion.
Written by Sophie Boka
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
San Antonio
ranks 5th when it comes to the worst traffic in Texas. On average, its drivers lose 36 hours to congestion on the road. And it's predicted to get even worse.
Let’s be honest. San Antonio is nothing short of captivating—what with its rich history, teeming attractions, and verdant nature preserves. It’s no wonder that it’s become one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation.
in general is booming. According to the US Census, it draws in about 1,100 newcomers each day. But what’s great news for the economy isn’t such great news for the roads.
So, just how bad is the traffic in Alamo City? The #1 rated insurance app
is breaking it down. Read on for a 101 on traffic statistics, explanations, and what San Antonio drivers can do to cut some of their losses on the road.
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How bad is San Antonio traffic?

San Antonio traffic may not stand up to New York’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bad. San Antonio traffic is the 5th worst in the state of Texas, ranking behind
, and
-Fort Worth.
According to
Global Traffic Scorecard
, San Antonio drivers lose an estimated 23 hours to traffic and up to 70 hours during rush hour each year. And this loss costs about $363 per driver annually.
Note: These numbers are down drastically (about 70%) from previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they’re likely to jump back up as restrictions loosen and more commuters hit the road. 
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Why is San Antonio traffic so bad?

San Antonio’s congestion is likely due to a few interrelated factors, including its growing population, poor road conditions, and infrastructure. 

Population size 

Although growing in popularity before the pandemic, Texas quickly has now become the place to move. Over the past few decades, vehicle registration has risen by 172%. Meanwhile, highway capacity has only increased by 19%
Where are all these new vehicles going? The answer is nowhere. They are stuck on the road, right alongside you. 

Poor road conditions

Another contributor to San Antonio’s traffic is the condition of the city’s roads. Studies have ranked San Antonio in the top 25 American cities with the worst road conditions. In 2015, only 80% of the roads were determined to be in good condition—and they were predicted to degrade further in subsequent years. 
Poor road quality can lead to extra wear and tear on your car, which can increase accidents—and therefore traffic—on the road. It’s even correlated with increased spending on your vehicle. On average, San Antonio drivers pay upwards of $800 annually for car maintenance.


The Lone Star state is known for liking all things big, including its roads. To get from place to place, San Antonio drivers are much more reliant on the roads than their counterparts in other cities. And Interstate highways don’t just cater to cars—they’re also shared by a lot of trucks, which can lead to excessive congestion. 
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How to navigate San Antonio traffic like a pro

Sitting in traffic can be painful. But traffic can become even more painful (literally) if it leads to an accident. With more cars on the roads, the risk of a fender bender can increase. And when you increase your accident risk, you also
increase your risk of an insurance hike
San Antonio’s roads may sometimes feel like an inevitable game of Rush Hour. But hey, then that means there’s a way to win! If you hope to get through the US 281 in this lifetime—and not at the expense of your wallet—then here are a few suggestions you might follow:
  • Avoid rush hour if possible. On weekdays, rush hour in San Antonio usually falls between 7am to 9am and 3pm to 6pm. If you can, consider avoiding the roads during peak traffic hours of 7am to 8 am and 5pm to 6 pm
  • Take the scenic route. Although bigger roads are often more direct, when traffic hits, they can end up taking longer than back roads. See if taking the scenic route can save you some time, or at least save you some stalling. 
  • Compare apps for the best itinerary. Not all map apps offer the same journey. To find the best one, compare routes between popular apps like Waze, Google Maps, Maps, and any local resources.
  • Keep your eye on the road. Ultimately, hitting traffic once in a while is inevitable. The best way to keep safe when you to is to keep your eyes on the road. You never know what a driver will do when they’re inching up close. So
    avoid the screens
    , however tempting, and do your best to keep a good distance away from other vehicles! 

Prepare for San Antonio traffic by updating your car insurance

If you’re going to be driving through San Antonio traffic, the best way you can make sure you and your vehicle are taken care of is by
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San Antonio has high rates of traffic and some road poor conditions. However, its roads are considered moderately safe to drive.
To avoid rush hour, try driving in the city before 7am, after 6pm, or between 10am and 2pm.
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