How to use Ram Park Assist

Ram’s ParkSense active park assist system automatically controls the steering wheel to guide the vehicle safely into a parallel or perpendicular parking spot.
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Pat Roache
The Ram ParkSense active park assist system helps you park your vehicle by taking control of the steering wheel and leaving the braking, accelerating, and gear shifting to the driver. Unfortunately, ParkSense is not a standard feature for every Ram model.
Ram primarily manufactures trucks and a few commercial van models, and it’s known as the third main competitor in the great American truck wars with
. Plenty of new technology has been showing up more frequently in new truck models, and many Ram vehicles are available with ParkSense, Ram’s ActivePark Assist system.
Adding Ram ParkSense to your truck is a worthwhile option to consider—and an extra driver assistance feature never hurt anyone’s
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rates! Here’s how to use Ram ParkSense, and a guide to the models that offer it!

How to activate Ram ParkSense

Ram’s ParkSense system is a semi-autonomous driving feature that will safely guide your vehicle into a perpendicular or parallel parking spot. It’ll also help you find a spot while you’re moving through a parking lot. It’s activated by pressing the button with a P and a steering wheel icon located next to the hazard lights activation button on the center console.
Here’s a basic walkthrough on how to use it:
  • Press the active park assist switch.
  • Follow the instructions on your digital gauge cluster panel, using the OK button on the left side of your steering wheel to select between parallel or perpendicular parking.
  • Use your turn signal, indicating to your Ram’s computer (and other drivers), which direction you intend to park in.
  • Following the instructions on your instrument cluster display, allow the system to take control of the steering wheel, and use the pedals and gear shift to carefully reverse into the spot.
  • Remember that you must brake manually—ParkSense only controls your steering wheel.
As long as you keep control of your vehicle’s speed, ParkSense will easily guide you into your parking spot. You can always turn ParkSense off by pressing the active park assist switch again. Keep these things in mind when using ParkSense:
  • ParkSense is not a fully autonomous self-parking system. It will not brake for you, and it will not control your speed for you. You are ultimately responsible for picking a safe place to park.
  • Always check your surroundings while using ParkSense. These systems are not always perfect, and there may be obstacles around that it doesn’t sense properly. Look out for things like protrusions on the ground or pillars in parking garages.
Always check your owner’s manual for details on the operation of ParkSense and other Ram features.
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Do all Rams have Park Assist?

No, not all Rams have Park Assist. This is a fairly new technology, so don’t expect to find it on any Ram models from before 2019. Every new Ram vehicle comes with rear parking sensors, but this doesn’t mean that they’re all equipped with ParkSense.

Which Rams have ParkSense?

Most Ram models made since 2019 have been available with ParkSense, but it’s rarely a standard feature. Talk to your local Ram dealer about adding this feature to your prospective new truck.
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