2022 Ram 2500 Bed Size

With a six-foot-four or eight-foot truck bed, the Ram 2500 can carry up to 4,010 pounds.
Written by Jasmine Kanter
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
With a six-foot-four or eight-foot box size, you can load up to 4,010 pounds onto the 2022 Dodge Ram 2500 bed.
The Ram HD (Heavy-Duty) 2500 has long been a favorite among drivers and workers alike. This pick-up has impressive numbers across the board, with 410 horsepower, 850 pound-feet of torque, 20,000 pounds of towing power, and a 9/10 from Car & Driver.
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2022 Ram 2500 truck bed specs

With the 2022 Ram 2500, you get either a six-foot-four or eight-foot bed made from high-strength steel. Using the keyfob to unlock the truck or flipping a switch turns on the in-bed LED lights so you can work in the dark. Meanwhile, a handy 115V/400W power outlet at the back charges your lights, tools, or toys. 
To estimate how much you can fit in the bed, here are the 2022 Ram 2500 truck bed dimensions:
6’4” Box
76.3 inches
66.4 inches
20.1 inches
8’ Box
98.3 inches
66.4 inches
20.2 inches

2022 Ram HD 2500 payload capacity

Depending on the configuration, the 2022 Ram 2500 has a payload capacity of up to 4,010 pounds. That’s enough for eight motorcycles, 13 generators, or 4,545 pool noodles. Whatever the job requires, right?
Here's how your truck's cab, bed length, drivetrain, and powertrain affect its maximum payload capacity:

2022 Ram 2500 bed extras

Ram's innovative features have made hauling and towing easier than ever. There are four stand-alone bed options: a damped tailgate, a tailgate power release switch, a Mopar Bed Step, and the RamBox Cargo Management System
RamBoxesare illuminated, weatherproof, drainable, and include lockable storage boxes that form the sides of the truck bed. Despite the extra storage, the bed remains durable and wide enough to fit a standard 4x8-foot building material sheet. Also included are a stowable divider and four adjustable tie-down loops.
Alternatively, you can opt for the Cargo-View Camera, which displays a zoomable, high-angle view of the truck bed on the center-stack screen. You can also get auto-leveling rear air suspension with Payload, Trailer-Tow, and Bed-Lowering modes.
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