The Best Pontiac Cars in GTA

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From the classic American muscle of the Phoenix to the tour de force that is the Imponte Ruiner 2000 Annis Hellion, Grand Theft Auto includes a number of cars that owe their gameplay existence to real-life
In the midst of committing grand theft auto in GTA, did you ever notice while en route to your next mission that the car you jacked looked awfully familiar? Well, that’s because the cars in GTA are inspired by actual real cars. GTA also boasts one of the best online car marketplaces of any video game, including a fleet of customizable Pontiac-type vehicles.
Whether you’re still living it up in San Andreas or you’re kicking it in Los Santos in GTA V, we bet you’d be game to hop behind the wheel of your own Pontiac-inspired sports car. We're here to help: we’ll hit on all the highlights of Pontiacs in GTA and let you know how to add these classic rides to your car collection. 
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Does Pontiac have cars in GTA?

Yes! But keep in mind that the online GTA marketplace regularly changes. So there are at least six cars in Grand Theft Auto that are modeled after real-life Pontiacs. If you see the name Imponte, you’re behind the wheel of a Pontiac…or, in some cases, a
Check out this complete breakdown of the Pontiac cars you can use to get away fast in the GTA universe:
Car name
In-game price
Car style
Real-life inspiration
Sports car
Third-generation Pontiac Firebird
Arbiter GT
Muscle Car
1970 Pontiac GTO, specifically the 'Judge' package.
4-door sedan
2004–2009 Pontiac G6, 2003–2005 Pontiac Grand Am
Muscle car
1970–1981 Pontiac Firebird
Imponte Ruiner
Muscle car
1982–1992 Pontiac Firebird
Imponte Ruiner 2000
$5,745,600, $4,320,000 (SecuroServ trade price)
Modified muscle car
Pontiac Trans Am KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand)
Now that you’re aware of which Impontes to watch out for, let’s go over the most exciting part: bringing them to your garage. In the section below, we’ll give you a quick run through on how to add your favorite Pontiacs to your collection.  

How do I get Pontiac cars in GTA?

Usually, acquiring Pontiac cars in GTA is simple: while in GTA online, head to the Eyefind internet browser on your phone, navigate to the Travel and Transport section, choose the website that sells your car, and purchase the car online
Just like that, your brand-new Pontiac-inspired car will have a home in your garage. For instructions on locating a specific Pontiac, follow these steps:
  • Imponte Insurrection
    : As you may know, you won’t find the Insurrection on the road, but you will come across advertisements for this hot ride—most notably on a billboard in Little Havana. You can buy online through Legendary Motorsport or Benny’s Original Motor Works. 
  • Imponte Arbiter GT
    : This iconic car is available for purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1,580,000. 
  • Imponte DF8-90
    : Exclusive to only GTA IV, this is one of the 30 vehicles wanted by Stevie’s Car Thefts in the side-mission of the same name. Good luck!
  • Imponte Phoenix
    : This classic ride can be found in GTA: Vice City, San Andreas, Vice City Stories, GTA V, and online.
  • Imponte Ruiner
    : This roaring muscle car is available for purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $10,000 as of the After Hours update. It can also be found outside Los Santos Customs, where it usually comes heavily modified. It can be yours for $9,675 in GTA Online. It can also be found in GTA IV and V.
  • Imponte Ruiner 2000
    : This pricey masterpiece can be purchased by CEOs with a Vehicle Warehouse from Warstock Cache & Carry for $5,745,600 or for $4,320,000 after completing Arms Embargo as a CEO. 
Key Takeaway More often than not, you’ll be able to purchase your favorite Pontiac in GTA Online. Once you’ve bought the car (and modified it to your heart’s content), it’ll appear in your garage.

Are Pontiacs good in GTA?

Pontiac, a now-defunct car brand, had some pretty sweet cars in its lineup over the decades, and GTA brought a lot of its most iconic ones back. From style to performance, the Pontiac-inspired GTAs are some of the best muscle cars in the game.
Are they as fast as the Ocelot Pariah or the Declasse Scramjet? No, they aren’t, but Pontiacs remain a cool, reliable, and durable getaway car when the coppers are in hot pursuit. 
No matter how long you’ve been playing GTA, all the Pontiacs in the game are classic American cars that will give any online garage more than enough cred. 
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The three coolest Pontiacs in GTA

Looking to build a Pontiac collection? Give these three models a try:
  • DF8-90
    : Inspired by the Pontiac Grand Am from the early 2000s, it may not be the flashiest car on the road, but knowing you have to work to get it gives this ride some added value. Plus, sometimes on the road in GTA, you need to be discreet, and this Pontiac-like sedan will get the job done while performing well. 
  • Imponte Ruiner 2000
    : Do you have $5.7M+ laying around? If so, treat yourself to this beauty. The Imponte Ruiner 2000 is a complete and total tour de force, sleek and full of muscle at the same time. Oh, and it’s weaponized! 
  • Arbiter GT
    : Modeled off the 1970 GTO, the Arbiter GT is pound for pound one of the most aggressive rides you can take on the road. It sounds intimidating, it looks intimidating, and it is intimidating! This beast will make your enemies think twice before trying to chase you down in your flashy, powerful car. 

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In GTA V, the Imponte Arbiter GT is based on the Pontiac GTO.
Pontiacs or Impontes won’t be the fastest vehicles in GTA, but they still reach speeds upwards of 110 mph which is sometimes all you need—if you know what you’re doing behind the wheel, that is.
By John Pickhaver
Updated on Feb 17, 2023
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett, Senior Editor.
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