How to Get an Oregon Handicap Placard (and Who’s Eligible)

Anyone classified as a “person with a disability” is eligible to apply for a Disabled Parking Permit in Oregon.
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Feb 19, 2023
If you or someone you transport in Oregon has a disability, you can apply for a
Disabled Parking Permit
through the Oregon DMV. There are multiple distinct types of permits, so it’s important to choose the one that fits your needs most closely.
People with disabilities often live with far more pain than the average person, making certain “simple” tasks—like driving to the grocery store—incredibly difficult. Each state in the U.S. mandates priority parking for certified disabled persons, but the specific laws around the subject do vary from state to state. It would be worth it to familiarize yourself with Oregon’s Disabled Parking Permit system.
14.7% of Oregonians have a disability, which is over 2% higher than the national average. Luckily, Oregon has created a ton of options to meet the various needs of its residents who need accommodations. We're here to walk you through all the details!
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How to get a disabled parking placard or plate in Oregon

There are a whole bunch of different types of permits you can get in Oregon, so we’ll go through each one here. 

Individual and Wheelchair User

These permits are valid for eight years, and you’ll need to have your doctor certify that you have a qualifying disability. Basically, if your doctor thinks you’ll benefit from it, they can and should authorize it.

Wounded Warrior

This one will also be valid for eight years. You need to be eligible for the Individual permit described above, and you also must submit an application including both of the following:
  • A letter from the Veterans’ Administration confirming that at least 50% of the disability is “service-connected,” meaning related to events occurring while serving in the Armed Forces.
  • A document that verifies discharge status other than dishonorable from any US Armed Forces branch or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.


The eight-year family permit is for families who have more than one disabled family member, certified by their doctor.


This eight-year permit is issued to programs regularly transporting persons with disabilities, such as nonprofits, residential care facilities, etc.


Oregon’s temporary permits are valid for up to six months and are intended for drivers whose disability is expected to last less than four years. In this case, you’ll have to reapply every six months as needed.

Foreign Visitor

If you’re visiting from out of the country but have a disabled parking permit in whatever country you live in, you can apply for a temporary foreign visitor permit that will be valid for up to 30 days.

Who’s eligible for a disabled parking permit?

The eligibility for disabled parking permits is rather simple in Oregon. Any drivers with disabilities or drivers transporting people with disabilities are eligible for a disabled parking permit.
These disabilities include but are not limited to:
  • Severely limited mobility
  • Reduced loss of vision
  • Conditions that hinder your ability to walk.
It is only legal to use a disabled parking permit when the person with the disability is traveling in the vehicle.

How to apply

In order to apply, you need a valid ID, such as a driver’s license, ID card, or parking ID card. You’ll also need to complete an application by filling out a
Parking Identification Card and Disability Parking Permit Application
if you don’t already have a Parking ID.
If you already have your Parking ID or if you’re a foreign visitor, you can apply for an
individual permit
or a
family placard
Any application also needs to include a Certificate of Disability completed and signed by the doctor of the disabled person.

Renewing a disabled parking placard

Once the period of your permit is over, it will be invalid, and you’ll have to submit another application.
Misuse of a disabled parking permit or parking in a reserved disabled parking spot without a valid permit are both considered traffic violations.
Key Takeaway To apply for a disabled parking placard in Oregon, you’ll need to fill out the correct form, provide ID, and have a Certificate of Disability from your doctor.

Restrictions to parking permits

You’re only allowed to park for 30 minutes or less to allow other people to use that spot. Also, you can’t use the permit to park in an area where parking is not allowed, and you can’t park in spots reserved for special types of vehicles.


If you have an individual permit, you can also get decals to place on golf carts, motorcycles, or other smaller vehicles.

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