Oregon Gas Tax

Oregon’s gas tax is currently $0.38 per gallon, but it’s set to increase to $0.40 per gallon in 2024.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
As of September 2023, the fuel excise tax in
is $0.38 per gallon, making it one of the more expensive states in the nation for
gasoline prices

How much is the Oregon gas tax?

Oregon’s gas tax for 2022-2023 is $0.38 per gallon. Nationally, Oregon ranks in the top 10 when it comes to state gas taxes.  
Under the “
Keep Oregon Moving
” measure passed in 2017, state gas taxes will rise about $0.02 per gallon every two years—until a $0.10 total increase is reached. The latest increase was in 2022 to $0.38 per gallon, and it’s slated to rise to $0.40 in 2024. This is to increase funding for state road infrastructure. 
Additionally, local cities and counties are permitted to add additional gas taxes. Multnomah County (the most populous one in the state) has an additional $0.03 per gallon tax. Filling up in Portland? That will be an additional $0.10 per gallon, making the gas tax in Portland $0.51 per gallon—almost on par with
California’s sky-high rates
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Is gas tax relief on the way in Oregon?

President Biden attempted to introduce a national “gas tax holiday” in the summer of 2022, but it fizzled in Congress and doesn’t look like it’s going to become reality. Individual states were called upon to offer a similar break, but
Oregon said: "no thanks."
Unfortunately, a gas tax holiday in Oregon seems to be highly unlikely, at least at the moment. 

How high are gas prices in Oregon?

As of September 2023, AAA estimates the average price of a gallon of gas in the state of Oregon to be around $4.73.
This is quite a bit higher than the national average of $3.80 per gallon—making it among the five most expensive states for gas in the nation with the likes of California, Hawaii, and Washington. Keep in mind that the price varies depending on where in the state you are, and the distribution is pretty patchy. 
The most expensive Oregon county for gas is currently Curry, located in the far southwest of the state with an average price of $5.13 per gallon. The lowest price by county can be found in the southeast in Baker County, with a price of $4.38 per gallon. That said, the prices don’t just fluctuate by county—there are some pretty significant fluctuations on the city and town level as well. 
For example, a gallon of regular gas in Portland is $4.81, which is higher than the state average. On top of that,
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costs are quite high, making it a pretty pricey place to own a car.
Take a look at what gas are for regular gas in some other areas in Oregon:
  • Corvallis: $4.52 per gallon (vs. $4.44 in September 2022)
  • Pendelton: $4.54 per gallon (vs. $4.56 in September 2022) 
  • Salem: $4.63 per gallon (vs. $4.42 in September 2022)
  • Eugene-Springfield: $4.67 per gallon (vs. $4.55 in September 2022)
  • Medford-Ashland: $4.77 per gallon (vs. $4.79 in September 2022)
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Which state has the highest gas tax? 

Oregon’s gas tax is among the highest in the country, falling below top states like California, Pennsylvania, and Washington—but still in the top ten overall.Check out the fuel excise taxes of other states (as of September 2022) below:
Gas tax
$0.28 per gallon
$0.0895 per gallon
$0.18 per gallon
$0.245 per gallon
$0.539 per gallon
$0.22 per gallon
$0.0 per gallon
$0.23 per gallon
District of Columbia
$0.235 per gallon
$0.334 per gallon
$0.0 per gallon
$0.16 per gallon
$0.32 per gallon
$0.392 per gallon
$0.33 per gallon
$0.24 to $0.305 per gallon
$0.240 per gallon
$0.246 per gallon
$0.20 per gallon
$0.30 per gallon
$0.427 per gallon
$0.24 per gallon
$0.272 per gallon
$0.285 per gallon
$0.18 per gallon
$0.22 per gallon
$0.33 per gallon
$0.248 per gallon
$0.23 per gallon
New Hampshire
$0.222 per gallon
New Jersey
$0.421 per gallon
New Mexico
$0.17 per gallon
New York
$0.1735 per gallon
North Carolina
$0.385 per gallon
North Dakota
$0.230 per gallon
$0.385 per gallon
$0.19 per gallon
$0.38 per gallon
$0.576 per gallon
Rhode Island
$0.34 per gallon
South Carolina
$0.28 per gallon
South Dakota
$0.28 per gallon
$0.26 per gallon
$0.20 per gallon
$0.319 per gallon
$0.316 per gallon
$0.28 per gallon
$0.494 per gallon
West Virginia
$0.357 per gallon
$0.309 per gallon
$0.24 per gallon
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