Nissan Juke Ground Clearance

Nissan Jukes offered around 6.5 inches of ground clearance for most trims, but 2WD S, SV, and SLs offer 7.0 inches.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Feb 24, 2023
In the US, the discontinued Nissan Juke offered a ground clearance of about 6.5 inches on most trims, but the 2WD Juke S, SV, and SL all offered 7.0 inches of clearance.
It’s easy to get distracted by all-wheel-drive capabilities, wheel size, and even tires when considering taking your SUV off-road. But what’s even more important is the amount of ground clearance available for your vehicle to navigate rough terrain without damaging its undercarriage.
If you have a Nissan Juke you’ve been thinking about taking out on the trails, or you just want to know if that would even be an option,
we have all the information you need. Hang tight as we tell you all about the Nissan Juke’s ground clearance and off-roading abilities, along with how to save on your
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2017 Nissan Juke ground clearance

Like many other makes and models, ground clearance varies on the Juke depending on the trim, and whether you opt for 2-wheel-drive (2WD) or all-wheel-drive (AWD).
Let’s take a closer look at ground clearances on the various trims of the Nissan Juke’s final model year:
  • Juke S: 7.0 inches
  • Juke S AWD: 6.6 inches
  • Juke SV: 7.0 inches
  • Juke SV AWD: 6.6 inches
  • Juke SL: 7.0 inches
  • Juke SL AWD: 6.6 inches
  • Juke NISMO: 6.9 inches
  • Juke NISMO AWD: 6.5 inches
  • Juke NISMO RS
    : 6.9 inches
  • Juke NISMO RS AWD: 6.5 inches

Nissan Juke ground clearance over the years

Nissan debuted a second-generation Juke that was released in Europe in 2019, while 2017 marked the final model year for the vehicle in the US, being replaced by the Nissan Kicks. Throughout the Juke’s manufacture from 2011 to 2017, it maintained the same 6.5-7.0 inch ground clearance range.

What is ground clearance—and why does it matter?

If you’ve ever bottomed out going over a speed bump or gotten stuck at a particularly steep incline, you know why ground clearance is so important. It’s the distance between the bottom of your car’s chassis and the ground, and it comes into play anytime you’re trying to negotiate an uneven surface. 
This is why experts recommend you get a vehicle with at least 8.5 inches of ground clearance if you have plans to do any off-roading. With a max ground clearance of 7.0 inches, the Nissan Juke is not a good option for off-road adventures. Unfortunately, that means even though many trims of the Nissan Juke offer AWD capabilities, you should reserve that maneuverability for slippery roads and better performance rather than attempting to crawl over any rocks. 

Is the Nissan Juke a good off-road vehicle?

Since the maximum ground clearance for the Nissan Juke is only 7.0 inches, it’s not a great option for off-roading.
However, just because you shouldn’t take it off-road, doesn’t mean it’s not still a great little crossover. The Juke offers tight-sporty handling and lively acceleration that makes it a fun option for those looking for a practical family vehicle with a little something extra for when the kids are at sports practice. Plus, it’s fun to look at! Sure, the Juke’s unconventional styling may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re looking to stand out from a crowd, look no further!

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