Nissan Armada Gas Tank Size

Nissan Armadas built before 2016 have a gas tank capable of holding 28 gallons of fuel, whereas post-2015 Armadas have a tank capable of holding 26 gallons.
Written by Andrew Biro
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
If you own a Nissan Armada built between 2004 and 2015, your gas tank can hold approximately 28 gallons of fuel—but if you drive an Armada built after 2015, your gas tank only holds 26 gallons of fuel.
Before you can fill up your tank at the gas station, you need to know how much fuel your tank can actually hold. Usually, you’d be able to find this information in your owner’s manual, but if you’ve lost yours, that’s alright—
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How big is the gas tank on a Nissan Armada?

Your Nissan Armada’s gas tank size primarily depends on the vehicle’s model year, but will only ever hold 26 or 28 gallons of fuel.
If you own a Nissan Armada built between the years 2004 and 2015, your gas tank will be able to hold 28 gallons, or approximately 106 liters, of fuel. On average, this means you can travel roughly 462 miles on a full tank before needing to refuel.
If, on the other hand, you own an Armada built after 2015, your gas tank will only be able to hold 26 gallons, or roughly 99 liters, of fuel. On a full tank of gas, you should be able to travel about 429 miles before needing to stop at the gas station.

How to check your Nissan Armada’s gas tank size

But if you’re still unsure as to the exact size of your Nissan Armada’s gas tank, don’t worry—there are a few ways to figure the number out yourself.

Measure the gas tank

If you want to figure out the volume of your gas tank yourself, you can do so with a calculator and measuring tape—simply use the tape to measure the tank’s dimensions and then multiply the length, height, and width of the tank. Divide your result by 231 (or the number of cubic inches in a gallon) and you’ll have your Armada’s gas tank size.

Check your owner’s manual

Alternatively, you could just check your owner’s manual—you should be able to look up an accurate measurement of your gas tank size under “fuel tank capacity” or another similar phrase.

Drive till empty, then fill it up

In the event that you don’t have an owner’s manual or a measuring tape, and you’re willing to take the risk, you can figure out your Nissan Armada’s gas tank size by driving until the fuel gauge drops to “E” and then filling it up again. It’s unlikely that this method will give you a 100% accurate measurement, but it will give you a feel for the general size of your gas tank—just don’t drive for too long on an empty tank!
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How to save on fuel costs in a Nissan Armada

Sporting a regular gasoline engine and standard two-wheel drive, a Nissan Armada averages about 16.5 MPG combined city/highway, and roughly 15.5 MPG if you opt for a trim level with four-wheel drive.
All in all, the Nissan Armada is pretty underwhelming when it comes to fuel efficiency—and with gas prices rising across the nation, that isn’t something you want to hear. If you’re aiming to save money and conserve gas, check out the following tips:
  • Keep idling to a minimum, especially in the winter: Instead of idling to warm up your vehicle in the winter, it’s better to just drive gently. You might be chilly for a few minutes, but your wallet will thank you in the long run.
  • Stick to a regular maintenance schedule: Taking care of your Armada’s routine maintenance keeps wear and tear to a minimum while preserving your fuel economy.
  • Drive carefully: The easiest way to maintain a steady (and low) rate of fuel consumption is to simply drive carefully—this means avoiding abrupt acceleration and easing up on the gas pedal.

How to find affordable Nissan Armada car insurance

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