New Jersey Speeding Ticket

After being issued a New Jersey speeding ticket, you can pay the fine or choose to fight it. Some tickets require you to appear in court.
Written by Rob Shapiro
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Updated on Jan 13, 2023
If you are pulled over for speeding and issued a ticket, you will most likely have to pay between $85 and $260. This fine can be doubled if you go 10 mph or faster over the speed limit in a zone that is 65 mph or more. You can also receive two to five points on your driving record.
Every state treats speeding infractions differently. You need to have a solid understanding of how your state deals with these charges. That way, you’ll know what to expect and what your options are if you receive a ticket.
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What happens if you get a speeding ticket in New Jersey?

If you’re pulled over by a police officer for speeding, chances are slim that you’ll be able to drive off with only a warning.
The likely scenario is that the officer will write you a ticket. This ticket will outline the charge, and may also include pertinent information like your options and next steps.

What are the fines for a speeding ticket in New Jersey?

This table outlines the average speeding fines in New Jersey and the corresponding infractions.
1 to 9 mph over speed limit
10 to 14 mph over the speed limit
15 to 19 mph over the speed limit
20 to 29 mph over the speed limit
30 to 34 mph over the speed limit
35 to 39 mph over the speed limit
What fine you receive will depend on your infraction and other factors like your driving record or criminal record. Also, speeding through construction zones or other designated zones could increase the severity of your charge

Options for dealing with a speeding ticket in New Jersey

Unless your ticket explicitly states that you are to appear in court, New Jersey provides these options:
  • Plead guilty and pay a fine either online, on the phone, or by mail. You will most likely receive two to five points on your record.
  • Plead not guilty and go to court to fight the ticket before a judge. You can hire a lawyer or choose to represent yourself.
Key Takeaway: If you receive a speeding ticket, you can choose to pay the fine or challenge the ticket in court.

How to pay a speeding ticket in New New Jersey

The options for paying for a New Jersey speeding ticket are online or by mail.


You can pay your fine by using New Jersey’s
online system
. It’s a straightforward process but you will be charged a convenience fee in addition to your fine.

Mail or in person

Mail a check or money order to the municipal court listed on your ticket. Checks should be made out to that same court. Don’t forget to print the citation number on the check or money order.
To pay in person, visit the municipal courthouse on your ticket and pay the fine. You may be charged some additional fees like court costs. Payment methods may vary by court.

What if you can’t afford to pay your speeding ticket?

If you don’t pay for your fine before the date marked on your ticket, you may be subjected to additional fees and fines. You could also face other more severe penalties, such as having your
license suspended

How to fight a speeding ticket in New Jersey

If you believe that you were wrongly issued a speeding ticket or are determined to get it dropped for whatever reason, you can contest it in court.
By pleading “not guilty” you’re exercising your right to stand before a judge and argue against your traffic violation. Some courts allow you to appear in court on the date on the ticket (usually found in the “Notice to Appear” section) to request a hearing. Some courts, though, ask for notification that you’re intending to challenge the ticket within 3 days of the date on the ticket.
You should always contact the New Jersey Municipal court assigned to your case to confirm the necessary steps to fight a ticket.

Will a speeding ticket increase your insurance? 

The average
car insurance
in New Jersey can increase by a whopping 35% because of a speeding ticket.
A speeding ticket definitely means you’ll have to shell out more money for car insurance. A better strategy is to learn safe driving habits by completing a safe driver program. By becoming a safer and better driver, you can keep your insurance premiums reasonable. 
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