New Hampshire Hit-and-Run

If you experience a hit-and-run accident in New Hampshire, it’s essential to report the crime to the police immediately.
Written by Kaitlin May
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
mitting a hit-and-run in New Hampshire can result in a misdemeanor or felony conviction with a minimum of $1,200 in fines and up to seven years in prison. 
Timing is everything if you’re a victim of a hit-and-run accident. Your chances of tracking down the offender are much higher if you gather as much information about the driver as possible and promptly report the accident to the police.
A hit-and-run is a serious crime in every state. It robs the victims of justice and puts financial stress on insurance companies. Each state has its own laws and standards to penalize drivers for hit-and-run offenses.
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What is a hit-and-run?

A driver commits a
when they flee the scene of an accident. There are many reasons why this could happen, but the most common cause is fear of the consequences. Leaving the scene after striking a person or property violates the law in every state.
You’re required to remain at the collision site and provide your information whether you were at fault or not. Without your details, the other party will have a lot of difficulties filing an insurance claim. 

What happens if you commit a hit-and-run in New Hampshire?

There are two acceptable responses if you’re involved in a collision in New Hampshire:
  • Stay at the scene and call the police
  • Go directly to the police station and report the accident
In either case, drivers need to exchange contact information and insurance details. Failure to remain at the accident site and offer personal information to the other driver and/or attendant police officer comes with criminal and financial repercussions.

Is a hit-and-run a felony in New Hampshire?

Under New Hampshire state law, if you leave the scene of an accident that involved injuries or death, you could be charged with a Class B felony. If only property is damaged in the collision, the driver will be charged with a misdemeanor.

What is the punishment for a hit-and-run in New Hampshire?

The severity of the penalties for a hit-and-run in New Hampshire varies based on the extent of the damage or injuries resulting from the accident.
Collisions resulting in damage to a vehicle or entity are punishable by a misdemeanor and up to $1,200 in fines. Hit-and-run cases involving personal injuries or death are a class B felony and carry a sentence of up to seven years in prison
These are the potential outcomes you can expect for a conviction in New Hampshire:
Result of accident
Possible punishment
Property damage only
No jail time
Fine up to $1,200
Potential loss of license
Personal injury or death
Up to seven years in prison
Fine up to $4,000
Up to five years of probation
In any case, your license could be subjected to suspension. Ultimately, the courts will determine your penalties based on the conditions of the crime.

How to avoid a hit-and-run charge

Hit-and-run crimes aren’t just a violation of the law; they’re a test of character. There’s a legal and moral obligation to remain at the collision scene, assess the damage, and contact the necessary emergency responders to ensure everyone involved gets the help they need.
If you’ve struck another vehicle, person, or property, it’s imperative that you:
  • Stop at the collision scene (without impeding the flow of traffic)
  • Make contact with the other driver or owner of the property
  • Provide your personal information
  • Arrange for any medical assistance for injured parties
  • Report the accident to the police
If the other party is inaccessible for any reason, it’s your responsibility to leave a detailed note explaining the circumstances and including your contact information
Neglecting to account for your part in a collision by completing the above steps counts as a hit-and-run offense in New Hampshire, and you can be punished accordingly. 

What should I do if I experience a hit-and-run in New Hampshire?

The shock from being the victim of a hit-and-run can make it challenging to remain calm. It’s completely understandable, but it’s essential to keep your wits about you so you can report the incident to the police and contact your insurance company as soon as possible.
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At the scene

It may be tempting to follow the driver who hit you if they take off, but doing so will complicate your case. Instead, take these steps:
  • Safely move your car to a shoulder or spot that’s close to the accident site
  • Assess yourself and your passengers for injuries and seek medical attention if necessary
  • Call the police to initiate a police report that can help identify the driver
  • Take photos and notes about the accident details, including all damage to your car

After you leave the scene

Initiate an insurance claim within 24 hours of the collision, and follow up with the responding officer to be sure they filed a police report. You’ll need that documentation for your insurance claim.
It will be more difficult to get reimbursed for your damages and medical bills if the other driver isn’t found. Gathering as much information as possible and reporting it to officials can be instrumental in getting a successful insurance payout.

What insurance covers a hit-and-run?

It's not normal in terms of US state laws, but New Hampshire doesn’t have minimum requirements for car insurance
However, it's not a good idea to forego coverage. Having the following coverages can support you financially in the event of a hit-and-run:
Insurance type
Will it cover a hit-and-run?
Liability insurance
Though a deductible may be required, this will cover costs associated with the other party’s damages and/or injuries
Uninsured motorist coverage
Covers your medical expenses if the other driver isn’t found or is uninsured
Medical payments (MedPay) coverage
Covers you and potentially your passengers for medical expenses resulting from a collision

How to find affordable insurance for collisions and more

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Yes. If you commit a hit-and-run in New Hampshire, you can expect to see around a 56% increase in your insurance. However, being a victim of a hit-and-run accident shouldn’t impact your insurance rates.
Since a hit-and-run is one of the most serious offenses that can result in prison time, it’s a good idea to get a lawyer. There are rare cases where a lawyer can get your charges reduced or your case dismissed.
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