How To Get a Missouri Motorcycle License

To legally operate a motorcycle in Missouri, you must pass the Class F and Class M written, vision, road sign, and motorcycle skills tests.
Written by Jacqulyn Graber
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Oct 24, 2022
To operate a motorcycle or motortricycle on public roadways in Missouri, you must have a Class M license or permit (or a driver’s license with a Class M endorsement). To obtain this, you must pass the Class F and Class M written, vision, road sign, and motorcycle skills tests. 
There are many benefits to owning a motorcycle: they’re cheaper to insure than automobiles, some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road, and they’re just plain fun! But not just anybody can climb into the driver’s seat of a motorcycle in Missouri—you need a Class M license or endorsement first.
Fortunately, obtaining a Class M license or endorsement isn’t too difficult—especially if you already have a traditional Missouri driver’s license.
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Do you need a license to operate a motorcycle in Missouri?

Yes—in order to legally operate a two- or three-wheeled motorcycle (a.k.a., a motortricycle) in Missouri, you’re required to hold either a Class M license or permit or a regular driver’s license with a Class M endorsement.
Teenagers who do not have a regular driver’s license may still apply for a Class M permit. You must be at least 15 years of age to do so. The standard Graduated drivers licensing rules will apply to upgrade said permit to a Class M license.
If you already have a MO driver’s license, then you simply need to add a Class M endorsement to your license. Read on to discover how you can do so.

How to add a motorcycle endorsement to your Missouri driver’s license

If you already have a valid Missouri Class F driver’s license, adding on a Class M motorcycle endorsement is relatively straightforward. You simply have to pass the Class M motorcycle skills test.
Missouri’s Department of Revenue provides prospective motorcyclists with a
Motorcycle Operator Manual
, which outlines everything you’ll need to know for the skills test. You may also choose to enroll in a
motorcycle safety program
If you are under 18 when you apply for Class M endorsement, then the state’s standard Graduated Licensing regulations will apply to your driver’s license and Class M endorsement as usual.
When you head to the Department of Revenue’s office to apply for a Class M endorsement, be sure to have proof of ID on you, as well as money to pay the associated fees. A Class M endorsement should cost no more than $9.25. 

How to get a motorcycle-only license in Missouri

The process of obtaining a motorcycle-only permit or license in Missouri is the same: you still have to pass the standard Class F and Class M written exams, as well as the Class M motorcycle skills test.
Motorcycle-only permits are ideal for teenagers who have not yet received their full driver’s licenses. Riders aged 15 and up can apply for a Class M permit—however, riders under the age of 16 must first show proof that they’ve successfully completed a motorcycle rider training course.
A parent or guardian must also be present when you apply for a Class M permit.
Class M permits are valid for six months and include the following restrictions: 
  • You may only drive during daylight, meaning you may not drive from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.
  • You may not drive more than 50 miles from your home address.
  • You may not drive a motorcycle larger than 250 ccs.
  • You may not carry passengers.
  • You must be accompanied by a qualified person, such as a parent, grandparent, or qualified driving instructor.
After holding the permit for six months, you may apply for an intermediate Class M motorcycle-only license. Full Class M licenses are then available at the age of 18. 

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