Missouri Gas Tax

The Missouri fuel excise tax increased from $0.195 to $0.22 per gallon on July 1, 2022, and is set to increase again next year.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Oct 06, 2022
The Missouri fuel excise tax increased from $0.195 to $0.22 per gallon on July 1, 2022, and is set to increase again next year.
Just when Missourians had begun getting used to rising fuel costs, an addition to the state’s gas tax increased the price per gallon even more. And based on plans set forth by the Missouri Department of Revenue, gas taxes will continue to rise in the coming years.
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How much is the Missouri gas tax?

Missouri may have the twelfth cheapest fuel tax in the nation, but that doesn’t mean residents don’t feel the sting of the recent increase in gas prices. July’s 2.5-cent gas tax increase brings the new Missouri gas tax up to $0.22 per gallon, and that small increase means a fill-up at the pump will cost you about 40 cents more than it did in June.
Missouri has been seeing annual fuel tax increases for the past five years, so we should be used to it by now, right? Sure—but when this year’s increase followed a massive hike in overall gas prices fueled by the war in Ukraine, it added insult to injury.  

Is gas tax relief on the way in Missouri?

Missourians feeling the burn from continually increasing fuel costs can get at least some of those added cents back by filing for a fuel tax refund
By saving fuel tax receipts and filing a claim with the state Department of Revenue, non-commercial drivers could see refunds of up to $40 to $45 per vehicle if they fuel up at least once per week. That may not sound like much, but it could be enough to cover the cost of a full tank of gas—for now.
There’s no word on whether Missouri intends to respond to President Biden’s call to temporarily suspend gas and diesel taxes, but the gas tax rebate can at least loosen the pinch in the meantime.

How high are gas prices in Missouri?

As of late September 2022, AAA reports the average gas price per gallon in Missouri at $3.343.
That’s comfortably below the national average of $3.797, but still higher than most in the state are used to. Plus, you may have to pay much more than this average depending on where you live in the state. 
The cheapest gas prices tend to be found in the Southeast portion of the state. For example, Cape Girardeau, located near the state’s famous “boot heel” averages about $3.137 for a gallon of regular gas. While this is up from last year’s average of $2.842, it’s still less than drivers can expect to pay in Jefferson City where the average price per gallon for regular gasoline is $3.575.
To see how the uneven gas-price distribution affects Missouri residents across the state, here’s a comparison of September 2022 per-gallon prices for regular gasoline as reported by AAA in some of Missouri’s other major cities:
  • Columbia: $3.412 per gallon (vs. $2.994 in September 2021)
  • Joplin: $3.341 per gallon (vs. $2.766 in September 2021)
  • Kansas City: $3.300 per gallon (vs. $2.860 in September 2021)
  • Springfield: $3.365 per gallon (vs. $2.874 in September 2021) 
  • St. Louis: $3.244 per gallon (vs. $2.903 in September 2021)
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Which state has the highest gas tax? 

Missouri’s gas tax is the twelfth-lowest in the country. The table below outlines gas taxes for all 50 states as of September 2022.
Gas tax
$0.28 per gallon
$0.0895 per gallon
$0.18 per gallon
$0.245 per gallon
$0.539 per gallon
$0.22 per gallon
$0.0 per gallon
$0.23 per gallon
District of Columbia
$0.235 per gallon
$0.344 per gallon
$0.0 per gallon
$0.16 per gallon
$0.32 per gallon
$0.392 per gallon
$0.33 per gallon
$0.24 to $0.305 per gallon
$0.240 per gallon
$0.246 per gallon
$0.20 per gallon
$0.30 per gallon
$0.427 per gallon
$0.24 per gallon
$0.272 per gallon
$0.285 per gallon
$0.18 per gallon
$0.22 per gallon
$0.33 per gallon
$0.248 per gallon
$0.23 per gallon
New Hampshire
$0.222 per gallon
New Jersey
$0.421 per gallon
New Mexico
$0.17 per gallon
New York
$0.1735 per gallon
North Carolina
$0.385 per gallon
North Dakota
$0.230 per gallon
$0.385 per gallon
$0.19 per gallon
$0.38 per gallon
$0.576 per gallon
Rhode Island
$0.34 per gallon
South Carolina
$0.28 per gallon
South Dakota
$0.28 per gallon
$0.26 per gallon
$0.20 per gallon
$0.319 per gallon
$0.316 per gallon
$0.28 per gallon
$0.494 per gallon
West Virginia
$0.357 per gallon
$0.309 per gallon
$0.24 per gallon

How to save on fuel and insurance costs in Missouri

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