How to Use Mazda Park Assist

Mazda’s Parking Sensory System can help you maneuver in tight places, but it’s not an auto parking function—and you won’t find it on every Mazda.
Written by Andrea Barrett
Reviewed by Hillary Kobayashi
Mazda’s Parking Sensory System isn’t standard on all Mazda vehicles, but if your vehicle is equipped with it, it includes six basic parking sensors that will notify the driver of the approximate distance to the surrounding obstruction using a beep sound and obstruction detection indication.
Mazda is known for producing a solid and reliable lineup of practical and fun vehicles. While they may not be classified as luxury, many of the tech features you’ll find in a Mazda are similar to what you’d find in luxury performance cars, like Audi and BMW. Among those features is Mazda’s Parking Sensory System—a high-tech system of parking sensors located around the body of the car.  
Need help parking but not sure how to activate the park assist function? Don’t panic—we have your back! 

How to activate Mazda’s Parking Sensory System

Mazda’s Parking Sensory System isn’t as comprehensive or high-tech as you’ll find in other vehicles, but it helps detect obstructions around the car while parking when the vehicle is driven at 6 mph (10 km/h) or less. It works for both perpendicular and parallel parking and is activated by pressing the parking sensor switch. 
Ready to test out your park assist feature? Here’s how to engage and disengage it:
  1. Turn ON your ignition and press the parking sensor switch. You’ll hear a buzzer sound, and the indicator light will turn on.
  2. The car will notify you with a beep when an obstruction is encountered. The gauge illuminates in different areas depending on the distance to an obstacle. As the vehicle gets closer to the obstacle, the zone in the gauge closer to the vehicle will illuminate.
  3. To stop the operation, press the switch again.
Keep in mind that the ignition must be ON, and the parking sensor switch must be activated for the system to work. While Mazda’s park assist won’t do the parking for you, it will notify you of obstructions that might cause damage to your vehicle while parking. 
Here are a couple of things to remember about Mazda’s Parking Sensory System:
  • This is not a fully autonomous self-parking system. Your Mazda’s parking system doesn’t come with an emergency brake. You are still responsible for monitoring your surroundings, accelerating, braking, steering, and evaluating the safety of parking.
  • The Parking Sensory System isn’t infallible—there are several conditions where the system may not operate normally or may not detect objects:
  • Mud, ice, or snow is stuck to the sensor area
  • The sensor area is frozen
  • The sensor is covered
  • The sensor is excessively shocked
  • The vehicle is excessively tilted
  • The weather is extremely hot or cold
  • You are driving on bumpy roads, inclines, gravel, or grass
  • There is a generation of ultrasound near the car (vehicle horn, motorcycle engine sound, air brake sound of a truck, etc.)
  • Heavy rain
  • An obstruction is too close to the sensor
If you’re experiencing difficulty with the parking sensors, refer to your owner’s manual for more details or contact your local Mazda dealership.
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Do all Mazdas have Park Assist?

Unlike some vehicles, Mazda only has one parking assistance system—the Parking Sensory System, which comes standard on most new vehicles, but not all. This system equips your car with front and rear parking sensors that notify the driver via beeping when they’re in close proximity to an obstruction.

Which Mazdas have a Parking Sensory System?

Not every Mazda vehicle comes standard with parking sensors, but it is available on most of their lineup as an optional feature or part of an upgraded trim level. 
Here are the vehicles that are compatible with Mazda’s Parking Sensory System:
  • Mazda CX-30
    : 2021 and newer
  • Mazda CX-5
    : model year 2019 and newer
  • Mazda CX-50: model year 2023
  • Mazda CX-9
    : model year 2014-2017 (rear only); 2018 and newer (front and rear)
Remember that for most Mazda models, you’ll have to upgrade to a higher trim level to access parking sensors, such as the Grand Touring, Premium Plus Package, Signature, or Turbo Signature. If you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a Mazda, talk to your local dealership about what models are available with the Parking Sensory System. 
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