Mazda Logo History

From simple and wordy logos to chic and minimal ones, here’s how the Mazda logo has changed over the years.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
Since the company got its start in the 1920s, Mazda’s iconic logo has evolved with the brand, which has grown to be one of the most reliable carmakers in the world. 
Logos are an essential part of any brand, and car manufacturers are no exception. In fact, car logos are more than just the symbol of a company; they capture the essence of the brand’s engineering, design, and vision. While the Mazda logo is easily identifiable now, it has seen plenty of changes over its lifetime. 
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Mazda wasn’t always a car manufacturer—the brand got its start in 1920 as a cork factory called Toyo Cork Kogyo in Hiroshima, Japan. Eleven years later, the company launched its first vehicle: a three-wheeled truck called the Mazda-Gonamed after an ancient West Asian civilization’s god Ahura Mazda, the god of harmony, intelligence, and wisdom. The name also played homage to the founder of the company, Jujiro Matsuda.
Mazda’s first registered corporate logo was used on the tricycle trucks starting in 1934. Since then, the logo has seen some drastic changes before becoming the one we know and love today.

Mazda logo changes through time

The Mazda logo has been through seven major iterations and several smaller adjustments from 1934 until now. Here’s how the logo has changed throughout the last eight decades.
  • 1934: The original Mazda logo was simply the word “Mazda” written out in a simple chisel-tipped font. The design choice focused primarily on the name of the brand and what the word itself represented.
  • 1936: A new logo was developed as a tribute to Hiroshima’s emblem, which was three wavy lines against a green background. Mazda’s new logo featured the three lines with a stylized “M” in the middle of each, standing for “Mazda Motor Manufacturer.” The lines extended on each side to symbolize wings for agility, speed, and flying to new heights. 
  • 1954: In 1949, Mazda began exporting the three-wheeled trucks overseas, so they needed a more universally recognizable logo. They returned to a simple logotype with an uppercase font. 
  • 1959: The next version of the logo featured a lowercase “M” with each side stretching up and down to form a simple circle outline. This logo debuted at the same time Mazda began to release cars. For the 1964 Cosmo car prototype, this logo was embedded in a rounded triangle.
  • 1975: One of the most identifiable stylized logotypes took over in ‘75 and lasted several decades. All letters were lowercase except for the “D” on purpose: A lowercase “D” would have extended past the upper line, and Mazda wanted to convey precision by aligning the top and bottom of the logo. This way, the logo fits in a perfect rectangle. 
  • 1991: To keep up with other brands, Mazda decided to switch up their logo in favor of something more symbolic—leading to a diamond-in-a-rounded-square emblem to bring back the wings and sun imagery. This logo ended up being too similar to the Renault logo at the time, so it didn’t last long. 
  • 1992: Mazda ended up smoothing out the edges of both the diamond and the square of their previous logo, making the 1992 version much smoother. This logo was used on the very first
  • 1997: The iconic V-shaped wings logo we know today first appeared in 1997. The wings, which stood for growth and improvement, were accompanied by a light blue version of the logotype from 1975. The “M” inside an oval was suggestive of Mazda’s creativity, flexibility, and vitality, among other assets. 
  • 2015 to present: A slight update to the logo erased the blue of the logotype and changed it to a metallic version with a light blue outline.

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