Is a Maserati Hybrid Worth It?

Ride in style and keep it planet-friendly with Maserati’s two hybrid options. Click here to learn more.
Written by Jacqulyn Graber
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
As part of Maserati’s commitment to an electrified future, they currently offer two gorgeous hybrid models—the Ghibli sedan and the Levante SUV. 
Way back in 1997, Toyota produced the Prius—the world’s first mass-produced hybrid electric vehicle. Since then, hybrid vehicles have become an increasingly popular way for drivers to cut down on fuel costs—but, perhaps because of their association with frugalness, they haven’t always been associated with luxury. 
Maserati has been working to change that since 2020, with their introduction of two gorgeous, high-class hybrid vehicles. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the two models and even give you tips for driving more sustainably. 
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2022 Maserati hybrid models guide

Maserati has already committed to an electric future—their first step was the recent production of two hybrid vehicles: the Ghibli Hybrid and the Levante GT Hybrid.

2022 Ghibli Hybrid

The Ghibli Hybrid was launched in 2020 and was Maserati’s very first electrified vehicle. It offers an eco-friendly option on the already popular Ghibli sedan, which originally debuted in 2013. 
The innovative powertrain combines an internal combustion engine (4 cylinders, turbo, displacement of 2.0 l) with a 48-volt alternator and an additional electric supercharger (e-Booster), supported by a battery. With a maximum power output of 330 hp, the Ghibli Hybrid's performance data are very impressive: a top speed of 255 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds.
The entry-level Ghibli has a starting MSRP of $139,990, whereas the range-topping Hybrid GranLusso (luxury-focused) and Hybrid GranSport (performance-focused) variants are both priced from $163,990

2022 Levante GT Hybrid

If you prefer an SUV, go with the Levante GT Hybrid, which combines a 4-cylinder, 2-liter engine with a 48V motor delivering a total of 330hp. The hybrid system uses 18% less fuel for the same performance as the 350 hp V6 petrol version, and even better power output compared to the former Levante Diesel. You’ll reach max speeds of 240 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in an impressive 6.0 seconds
In addition to being roomier, the Levante is a bit more affordable, starting at $80,895 for the base model. 

Full hybrid, mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric car: what’s the difference?

Maserati’s two current hybrid options are considered “mild hybrids.” Like full hybrids, mild hybrids use an electric motor alongside a combustion engine—but, unlike full hybrids, they can't run on electric power alone. Instead, their small electric motor is attached directly to an engine or transmission, which gives the car a boost when accelerating.
The brand doesn’t offer any full hybrids at the moment, nor do they offer plug-in hybrids, which allow for local driving on electric power alone with the convenience and range of a gas engine for longer road trips. 
Electric vehicles do not have any combustion engines—which means gas is not an option, and they must be electrically charged in order to run. 
Maserati’s CEO, Davide Grasso, has claimed that the luxury brand will have a totally new, fully-electric lineup by 2025 and expects to stop offering vehicles with combustion engines by 2030. 
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Are Maserati hybrids worth it? 

It’s no secret that the sticker price of a Maserati—hybrid or not—is high. But if you’re ready to invest in a top-notch luxury vehicle, how can you be sure that the hybrid option is a worthwhile purchase?
Let’s take a look at the specs.


Something that’s wonderful about Maserati’s hybrid lineup is that performance is never sacrificed—despite using significantly less gas, both models perform just as well as their petrol counterparts.
The Ghibli Hybrid reaches a top speed of 255 km/h and will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds. Equally impressive is the Levante GT Hybrid, which reachesmax speeds of 240 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in an impressive 6.0 seconds. 


While the individual models have not been rated,
J.D. Power
has presented Maserati with several awards for vehicle quality, dependability, performance, and more. 

Cost of ownership

Maseratis obviously have high ticket prices—but that’s not the only cost you’ll have to consider when acquiring a luxury vehicle. Cost of ownership also includes things like insurance, financing, depreciation, and more.
Let’s consider the Maserati Ghibli Hybrid. In addition to the starting MSRP of $139,990, you can expect to pay an average of $5,107 annually for car insurance, which adds up to $25,535 after five years of ownership. 
The average cost to finance a new Maserati Ghibli would be $11,439 after five years. This assumes a 72-month loan with an APR of 4.75% and a 20% down payment.
Depreciation—which is impossible to avoid entirely—will also factor into your cost of ownership. A Maserati Ghibli will depreciate in value by $42,862 after five years.
So where can you save money? The answer is fuel costs, of course. The average fuel costs for a standard Ghibli are $11,220 for fuel after five years, or about $2,244 annually (assuming you drive 12,000 miles per year). Opting for a hybrid version can slash those costs by around 18%
You may also be eligible for insurance discounts and/or federal tax credits up to $7,500—all for choosing the eco-friendly option! 
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The federal government offers
tax credits
to consumers who buy new electric or hybrid electric vehicles. Maserati’s two current hybrid options are only mild hybrids, so may not qualify for some credits. However, with the brand going electric in the near future, it’s only a matter of time before all of their vehicles will be covered by tax credits and other eco-friendly discounts.
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