Maine Red Light Camera

Maine doesn’t allow the use of red light cameras, but if you’re caught running a red light you could be charged up to $100 in fines.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
doesn’t allow the use of red light cameras, but a red light or stop sign ticket generally carries a $146 fine and results in four points being added to your driving record, so be sure you know what you can do to fight a citation.
Though many states in the U.S. have chosen to engage red light cameras
based on the evidence
that they reduce fatal crashes at major intersections by up to 14%, Maine took the opposite route, noting that it may well be vehicle owners instead of vehicle drivers who wind up with the hassle of a red light camera ticket.
But, as in every other state, you can still get a ticket for running a red light in Maine, so you need to protect yourself by knowing what you can do if you face a red light violation. To be sure you’re equipped with all the information you need,
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No—Maine is one of a handful of states that do not allow the use of automated red light cameras.

What should I do if I receive a red light ticket?

If you get a ticket for running a red light or a stop sign in Maine, you’ll generally face a fine of $146 and have four points added to your driving record. However, there may be ways for drivers to reduce their points or avoid the fees associated with the ticket whether you choose to pay the fine or fight it.
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How to pay a red light ticket 

Choosing to pay your fine online, in person, or by mail may be the simplest route when it comes to dealing with your red light or stop sign ticket, but that doesn’t mean it’s your best or your only option. Even if you choose to plead “guilty” or “no contest,” you may still have the option to reduce fines in a couple of ways:
  • Plea bargain penalties: Especially if you have an otherwise clean record, you may be able to bargain for a lesser charge that could both lower your fine and reduce the number of points you accrue to your record.
  • Complete driver safety training: You will have to pay the fee for the course, but completing it could get your ticket dismissed.

How to fight a red light ticket

Whether you feel you’re not guilty of the red light violation or you think your situation requires special handling, you can fight the ticket by requesting a hearing to contest the ticket before a judge. 
You should also consider engaging an attorney—although you may get the ticket tossed out, if you lose, you’ll not only face all the fines and penalties associated with the ticket but the added court and attorney fees as well.
Key Takeaway If you plead “not guilty” to a red light ticket in Maine, you’ll incur all the penalties for the ticket, plus court and attorney fees.

How does a red light camera work?

Most red light cameras are run by third-party companies that record and send footage and data from their devices to law enforcement agencies. 
In states that allow them, red light cameras use traffic light sensors to capture photo and video evidence of cars that enter an intersection after the light has turned red. When you run a red light in one of these intersections, the red light camera records your license plate number along with the following information: 
  • Date and time of the incident 
  • Vehicle speed
  • Location
  • Amount of time since the light turned red

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Maine does not currently allow the use of red light cameras for traffic enforcement, so if you receive a red light camera ticket from the state of Maine, no matter what, you know it’s fake.
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