How to Check and Decode a Lincoln VIN

You can find your Lincoln VIN on the driver’s side of the dashboard or inside the driver’s side door jamb. VINs follow a standardized set of codes.
Written by Rob Shapiro
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
You can find your
VIN affixed to the dashboard of the driver’s side close to the window. The tag will be visible from the outside or when the door is open. By decoding it, you can learn the car’s country of origin, manufacturer, vehicle information, model year, assembly plant, and more. 
You need your vehicle’s VIN to update your vehicle’s registration, renew your driver’s license, or even sell your car.
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can help you locate and then decode your VIN. Keep reading this guide to Lincoln VINs and learn where to find them, how to read them, and why they are important. 
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How to check your Lincoln’s VIN

VIN stands for a
vehicle identification number
. More specifically, it is a unique code that identifies the exact Lincoln you own. 
There are several places to find your Lincoln VIN. They include: 
  • A metal tag on the driver’s side of the dashboard, near the window
  • When the door is open on the doorjamb
  • Vehicle
  • Car
  • Car insurance policy
  • Car lease
  • Promissory note
You should find the VIN for your Lincoln one of these places. If you check them all and still can’t find it, look at the front of the engine, as it might be stamped there. 

How to decode a Lincoln VIN

Let’s start with a bit of background. VINs have been in circulation in the U.S. since the 1950s, but it wasn’t until 1981 that they were standardized in part by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In the four decades since, VINs have taken on greater importance and are utilized to communicate a specific and standardized set of meanings across models, makes, and continents. 
The first thing to understand about VINs is which numbers and letters they use and don’t use. That said, VINs use all ten numerical digits (0-9) and every letter of the alphabet except for I, O, and Q. These letters are avoided since they can be confused with 1, 0, and 9

First position: country of origin

The first three digits are the world manufacturer identifier (WMI) code. For Lincolns, the first number refers to the country where the vehicle was built. 
If your VIN begins with a 1, 4, 5, or 7 then your Lincoln was manufactured in the United States.

Positions 2-3: manufacturer information

The two digits that follow the first letter or digit refer to the manufacturer. Next, the third digit is usually reserved for the vehicle type—SUV, passenger car, or truck. These codes will differ between a
Lincoln Town Executive
and a
Lincoln Navigator.

Positions 4-8: vehicle-specific information

Next comes a series of digits and/or letters that offer vehicle-specific information, This covers everything from a vehicle’s body type to engine and transmission types to safety equipment. 
Lincolns come not only in a range of models but also a range of trim levels. The digits in positions 4-8 are designed to narrow down the exact vehicle. For instance, N and B mean your Lincoln is a passenger car with active belts.

Position 9: the VIN check digit

To avoid forgery, the 9th digit is used to verify a VIN’s authenticity. It’s a unique “check digit” based on the other digits that are part of a VIN.

Position 10: model year

The method to indicate model years is more complicated than other positions. This is because VINs recycle digits and/or letters that already belong to earlier models. The only digits that will not be used in position 10 are U, Z, and 0 in addition to I, O, and Q, which are never used. 
Let’s break down the codes for the VIN model year over the last twenty years. This should give you an idea of how this part of a VIN can be rather complicated.
1981 OR 2011
1982 OR 2012
1983 OR 2013
1984 OR 2014
1985 OR 2015
1986 OR 2016
1987 OR 2017
1988 OR 2018
1989 OR 2019
1990 OR 2020
1991 OR 2021
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Position 11: assembly plant

The 11th digit refers to the assembly plant. Every auto manufacturer employs a unique set of codes to indicate the factory that was responsible for assembling the vehicle. 
Lincolns are manufactured in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., mainly in Michigan. For instance, if you see a Y, your Lincoln was most likely manufactured in Wixom, Michigan.

Positions 12-17: vehicle serial number

Now, we arrive at the final six digits of a VIN. Here is where you’ll find your car’s serial number. This code is unique to your Lincoln and is usually a production sequence number
There are a few ways to interpret a Lincoln serial number. Don’t start bragging that you have one of the first Navigators off the line if you see a low number as that’s not always how it works.
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