Lincoln Navigator Trunk Space

With both the second and third-rows collapsed, the Lincoln Navigator packs an impressive 103 cubic feet of maximum storage capacity.
Written by Pat Roache
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The Navigator is
’s largest luxury SUV with 19.3 cubic feet of storage with all the seats up and maximum cargo space of 103 cubic feet with all the seats down. This full-size SUV has an 8/10 rating from Car and Driver and starts at $76,710.
With the growing appeal of storage capability for new cars on the market, the Navigator offers an excellent option for 2022 luxury vehicles. Versatile seating configurations give this large SUV the cargo capacity to compete with many other vehicles like it.
Whether you’re looking for your next family vehicle or a high-end
option, it’s essential to know what your cargo space options are, what those numbers mean, and how they compare across the market. In this article, car insurance comparison and brokerage app
covers everything you need to know about trunk space in the new 2022 Lincoln Navigator.
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How is trunk space measured?

A car’s trunk is measured by cubic feet for the volume it can hold–that’s width by height by depth.
A full-size three-row SUV like the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is measured by three figures based on the seat configuration:
  • Cargo volume with all seats up: number of cubic feet behind the third-row seats
  • Cargo volume with third-row seats down: number of cubic feet behind the second-row seats with the third-row seats collapsed
  • Cargo volume with second and third-row seats down: number of cubic feet behind the front seats with both the second-row and third-row of seats collapsed
Measuring an SUV trunk space in cubic feet does create a small margin of error because the trunk space is not a perfect box. Any of these three measurements will give as close a figure as possible, but it might not account for any of the curves or contours of the vehicle’s design.
When you’re comparing cargo space, keep in mind the number of passengers you plan to transport regularly. Focus on the standard cargo space for the number of rows you’re likely to use the most often.
Key Takeaway Cargo space is measured by the width, height, and depth of different seat configurations in an SUV, but final numbers are subject to slight errors.

Lincoln Navigator trunk space 

Number of seats: 7 to 8
Cargo volume with all seats up: 19.3 cubic feet
Cargo volume with third-row seats down: 57.5 cubic feet
Cargo volume with second and third-row seats down: 103 cubic feet
The Navigator is a full-size, three-row luxury SUV that can accommodate 7 to 8 passengers, depending on whether you opt for captain seats or a bench seat in the second row. When all three rows are in use, the trunk holds around 20 cubic feet of storage space, which is enough space for five average-sized suitcases
Collapsing the third-row creates between 57.5 and 63.6 cubic feet of cargo storage, or 11 to 13 average-sized suitcases, and collapsing both rows maxes out cargo storage at 103 cubic feet. That’s enough space to transport 20 average-sized suitcases, 34 medium moving boxes, or 22 large moving boxes.
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How does the Lincoln Navigator’s trunk space compare to other SUVs? 

The standard Lincoln Navigator’s versatile trunk space is excellent compared to other large luxury SUVs. It has more cargo space than the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS Class and the 2022 BMW X7 but falls short compared to the
2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
and the Cadillac Escalade.
If you’re on the market for storage, the larger model Lincoln Navigator L packs even more cargo space, starting at 34.3 cubic feet with all seats in use. That’s enough space to fit up to 8 passengers and nine average-sized suitcases. We’ll let you fight over who gets to bring the extra bag.
Collapsing the third row creates 73.3 cubic feet of storage space, and collapsing both rows maxes out the storage space at 120.2 cubic feet. These cargo options can accommodate 18 to 30 average suitcases,  24 to 40 medium moving boxes, or 16 to 26 large moving boxes.

How to check trunk space

Manufacturers’ cargo space measurements leave room for error, so you’ll want to check the cargo space for yourself at the dealership. Bring a tape measurer and pay attention to how the seats collapse and how easy it would be to pack.
Using a physical object to estimate space when possible is the best way to assess an SUV’s cargo space. If you feel comfortable doing so, and if the dealership allows, bring an object that represents items that you know you’ll be transporting. Place it in different areas of the cargo space with varying seat configurations and take pictures to reference at home.

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