Lincoln MKX Towing Capacity

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The Lincoln MKX has a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. While most drivers seeking adequate towing capabilities usually head straight for a pickup truck or larger SUV, some crossovers like the MKX can handle smaller loads quite well. 
Knowing your used MKX’s towing limits will keep your vehicle in prime condition and help you maximize how much your vehicle can comfortably tow without causing damage. 
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How much can a Lincoln MKX tow?

Towing capacity: 3,500 pounds
First generation engines: 3.5 L V6 with 265 hp (2007–2010) or 3.7 L V6 with 305 hp (2011-2015)
Second generation engines: 3.7 L V6 with 303 hp or 2.7 L Turbo V6 with 335 hp (2016–2018) 
Across the crossover’s two generations, the MKX impressed customers with ample passenger space and a quiet, comfortable cabin experience. In later years, a strong, turbocharged V6 engine with adaptive suspension offered decent maneuverability under a variety of towing scenarios. 
The maximum towing capacity for the MKX is a sensible 3,500 pounds when properly equipped with the tow package. This is for both the FWD and AWD drivetrains and across all trim levels, including the Premiere, Select,
, and Black Label

Trailer hitches for the Lincoln MKX

While searching the used vehicle market, you may see some Lincoln MKXs already equipped with a trailer hitch. If one is not already installed, however, you can easily have your MKX outfitted with an aftermarket trailer.
Here are a few of our top trailer hitch recommendations for a Lincoln MKX: 
Class 3 hitches are rated for medium-duty, and class 4 hitches are rated for heavy-duty loads. When choosing your hitch, it’s important to pay attention to these class specifications so that you can determine the safest equipment that’s designed to hold up to particular loads. All of the above options are at least class 3 and rated at 4,000 pounds gross trailer weight
In addition to the hitch, you’ll also need to separately purchase hitch balls and ball mounts. Depending on what comes with your hitch, you may also need to find couplers, pins, and a suitable wiring harness to complete your hitch set-up. 

How to calculate the towing capacity you need

A safe haul will never go over its towing capacity—in regards to the MKX, that means you need to take into account the weight of the trailer, what you plan to haul in or on your trailer, and your maximum payload
If your MKX did not come equipped with a towing package, you can at the very least tow a few lighter loads and the accompanying trailer equipment. The Lincoln MKX is capable of towing around 2,000 pounds without the trailering package, which means you can usually tow the following under average conditions:
  • Bike racks (+ up to two bikes): 60 to 200 lbs.
  • Cargo carrier (without load, but usually designed to carry 200 lbs): 60 to 70 lbs.
  • Small watercraft (canoe, kayak) and trailer: 300 to 800 lbs.
With a tow package or aftermarket hitch installation, your towing options expand. Here are some of the larger items you can tow with a 3,500-pound towing capacity
  • Jet skis: Most jet ski trailers have an average loaded weight of 1,500 pounds, but this number can widely range from 800 to 3,000 pounds.
  • Motorcycle trailer: Motorcycle trailers weigh an average of 500 pounds, with an average load capacity of 2,000 pounds. Their typical loaded capacity range is between 800 to 3,000 pounds.
These estimates are purely estimates and will obviously vary depending on the specific loads you intend to haul. This is why you must pay attention to weights so you don’t unintentionally go over your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. 
Another factor to consider is your vehicle’s payload. While towing capacity refers to how much you can haul behind your vehicle, the maximum payload is how much your vehicle can physically hold (think passengers and cargo). The MKX has a maximum payload of 900 pounds, so if you’re planning a big family trip with lots of luggage, be sure to keep this number in mind. 

How to increase towing capacity

If you’re not happy with the MKX’s towing capacity, it’s never a good idea to overload the vehicle and hope that your SUV doesn’t self-destruct. Instead, there are a few handy techniques for maximizing your vehicle’s towing power: 
  • Install a weight-distribution hitch
  • Get stronger axles to amp up your RPMs (be sure to balance power with reasonable fuel economy)
  • Replace your brake pads and rotors to reduce vibration and overheating
  • Swap out your radiator for a larger model to increase your engine’s cooling efficiency
Learning how to accelerate, brake, and turn in such a way as to minimize rocking and swaying can also help improve your towing efficiency. While changes can be beneficial, they can also end up harming your MKX’s towing capacity. Increasing wheel size, for example, forces the engine to work harder and reduces towing efficiency.
Sometimes the best way to increase your towing capacity is to simply opt for a larger vehicle! If you don’t want to get a truck, there are larger SUVs that can haul much greater loads, including the
Chevy Tahoe
with a 7,900-pound towing capacity, or the
Dodge Durango
with a maximum capacity rating of 8,700 pounds

How to find affordable car insurance

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When equipped with the towing package, the Lincoln MKX is good for towing smaller loads of up to 3,500 pounds. For larger loads, it’s best to upgrade to a larger SUV or pickup truck.
Yes, you can put a trailer hitch on the Lincoln MKX—ordering and installing one on your own is pretty simple, but you can alternatively hire a mechanic for help.
By Maxine Boyko
Updated on Jan 27, 2023
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