All the Hidden Kia Key Fob Tricks You Should Know

Your key fob can unlock the most convenient features of your Kia. Here are all the key fob tricks you need to know.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Nov 21, 2022
Key fobs are a handy feature of every modern vehicle—including
models. From hands-free unlocking to a hidden key inside your key fob, there are plenty of functions of your Kia key fob to take advantage of. 
Car key fobs have been used for decades, but Kia was the first manufacturer to premier the smart key fob, revolutionizing the auto industry. Whether you’re driving a
or a
, learning the ins and outs of your Kia key fob can unlock your vehicle’s most convenient features. 
To go over all the tips and tricks of your Kia key fob is
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Programming your Kia key fob

Before you get started learning the tips and functions of your key fob, you may need to program or reset your key fob. Here’s how you do it: 
  • Shut all doors on your Kia, and put the key in the ignition.
  • Turn the key off and on until the door locks cycle, ending with the key turned “on.”
  • Push the lock or unlock button on the key fob to test it. If it works, the key fob is ready to roll. 
  • Turn off the ignition. You’ve successfully ended the programming process when the door locks cycle.

Kia key fob basics

Your Kia key fob can unlock and lock the doors, of course, but what else can it do? And how do you open your Kia if your key fob dies? Let’s go over all the functions of your key fob—and what to do when it fails.

Locking your Kia

Probably the most important function of your Kia key fob—and one you’re likely familiar with—is the “lock” function. Here’s how it works:
  • Push the lock button once to lock all the doors on your Kia. 
  • Press it twice within two seconds to enable the alarm. You’ll know it’s set when your horn beeps twice. 
…and that’s it! Using your key fob to lock your Kia is as straightforward as can be.

Unlocking your Kia

Needless to say, the “unlock” function on your key fob is just as crucial as the lock function—and it’s just as easy to use on your Kia. 
  • Push the unlock button once if you want to unlock the driver’s door only
  • Press the unlock button twice in two seconds to unlock every door and trunk.

Unlocking your Kia hands-free

One handy unlocking hack is the hands-free feature on your Kia key fob. If you’re in the grocery store parking lot with full arms, you don’t have to fish your Kia key fob out of your bag or pocket—just stand next to the vehicle and put your thumb on the door handle. As long as your key fob is in close proximity to your car, it’ll open with no problems.

Opening your Kia’s trunk/liftgate

Loading and unloading your Kia’s trunk space is made easier with their key fob functions. 
If you’ve got a Kia with a manual trunk or liftgate, just hold the trunk button down for a second or two. This unlocks your trunk so you can open it. 
If your Kia is set with a power trunk/liftgate, holding down the trunk button will open up your trunk automatically. Want it unlocked but not wide open yet? Just press the button again and the trunk will stop lifting. 
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Setting off the panic alarm

To keep you and your car safe, Kia key fobs are equipped to set off the vehicle’s panic alarm. Whether you want to scare off a potential intruder or just find your vehicle in a massive parking lot, just hold down the panic button for at least half of a second to set off the alarm. To turn it off, hold the button down again. 

Starting a Kia when your key fob battery is dead

What happens when the fob’s battery dies and you can’t start your car? There are a couple of different options to get you back on the road: 
  • If your key fob’s battery is running low, you can start your Kia by pressing the fob to the remote start button in your car to start it up. 
  • If your fob is totally dead, push the button on the back of your key fob to access the analog key within the fob. 
You’ll want to head to a dealership to get your key fob battery replaced ASAP or replace it yourself.

Opening your Kia key fob 

If you’re ready to replace your key fob battery yourself, or you need some help accessing the mechanical key inside, it’s pretty simple if you follow these steps: 
If you have a standard Kia key fob
  • Set the fob down with the back facing upward. 
  • Grab a standard screwdriver and insert it into the slot on the side of the key fob to pry it open. 
  • Remove the dead battery and place the new battery in its spot. 
  • Close the fob tightly.
If you have a smart Kia key fob
  • Locate the small button on the bottom of the key fob and press it to release the mechanical key. 
  • Wedge the mechanical key into the bottom slot of the key fob, twisting it gently to pry it open. 
  • Remove the old battery and place the new battery. 
  • Shut the key fob tightly and you’re good to go. 

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