The 12 Best Jeep Accessories

From off-roading wheels to impressive lift kits, Jerry’s here with all of the best accessories for your beloved Jeep.
Written by Samuel Todd
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Apr 18, 2022
Whether you’re hoping to add a little personality to your
or optimize its performance, there are tons of accessories that can aid you in your quest.
When it comes to customizing your Jeep, you’ve got two main options: OEM parts or aftermarket parts. OEM parts are top-notch—they’re made by the official designer of Jeep accessories, so they don’t come cheap.
Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are made by secondary suppliers of parts. They can save you some dough, but you’ll need to do a little digging to make sure that they’re high-quality.
So, which one is right for you? Jeep expert and
car insurance
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has the answer. We’ll walk you through the best interior, exterior, and performance accessories for your Jeep and prepare you to purchase parts with confidence.
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Exterior Jeep accessories

For the perfect first impression, you’ll want to add a splash of personality to the outside of your Jeep. Let’s take a look at the best exterior Jeep accessories so that you can arrive at your dinner date or job interview in style.

#1: Wheels

Price range: $200 to $450
Wheels are a rare one-two punch of beauty and performance
If you’re driving a
Jeep Wrangler
Grand Cherokee
, try out these
17” off-roading wheels
for strength on rocky terrain. Or, to add a classy racing sheen to your Jeep, equip a set of
high-performance aluminum wheels
Of course, what Jeep would be complete without a
nifty tire cover
? For a nice final touch, you can protect your spare tire from rain, sleet, and snow, and let your creativity show (
here’s a design
we really like!). 

#2: Mirrors

Price range: $150 to $500
Whether one of your side mirrors shattered during a high-speed adventure or you just need an upgrade from the standard Jeep equipment, there are
plenty of OEM mirrors
for you to choose from. After a quick and easy installation, these mirrors will give you crystal-clear vision on all sides—whenever they aren’t caked with mud, that is!

#3: Grilles

Price range: $30 to $100 for speaker grilles; $150 to $600 for radiator grilles
Regardless of what Jeep you drive—but especially if you drive a Sarge Green Jeep Wrangler—a
first-rate grille
can improve both the power and design of your ride. 
This low-cost
OEM grille
will keep your Wrangler’s engine cool while maintaining the classic Jeep exterior that you fell in love with. Or, if you want to branch out a bit and go for an
aftermarket grille
, you’ll get a wider selection and better customization options.
Pro Tip If you buy from an aftermarket supplier, double-check that the part you’re buying will fit your specific make and model. 

#4: Doors

Price range: $900 to $1,200 for tube doors; $100 to $300 for door covers
For custom doors, door kits, and door covers, check out Jeep’s
OEM options
. For the ultimate off-roading experience, pair a set of
tube doors
mesh door covers
. This combo will keep the dirt and dust out of your eyes and let the wind run through your hair!

Interior Jeep accessories

We know for a fact that Jeep owners don’t want a flashy exterior and a sub-par interior. Let’s walk through some accessories that will give your Jeep flair and comfort on the inside.

#5: Floor mats

Price range: $100 to $200
There’s nothing wrong with a little mud on your tires—but who wants dirty doors and driving pedals? Here are some reliable floor mats for each Jeep model:

#6: Air filters

Price range: $10 to $100
If you’ve got a puppy co-pilot (or, maybe, a clowder of cats clawing around in the backseat), you should definitely invest in a premium air filter.
air filter for a Grand Cherokee
will cost about a hundred bucks—which is worth it if you ask us! An
aftermarket air filter
is even less expensive and still gets the job done.

#7: Seat covers

Price range: $100 to $300 for neoprene covers; $1,000 to $1,500 for leather
Seat covers
are a must-have for any Jeep owner. Sure, they’re practical, preventing damage from things like animal claws and rogue cargo—but they also give you a chance to make your Jeep cabin feel like home.

#8: Lighting kits

Price range: $200 to $650
Whether you need some extra overhead light late at night or an inexpensive
reading lamp
for your family camping trips, Jeep offers some awesome
OEM lighting kits
For a funky, multicolored lighting vibe, keep an eye out for
aftermarket lighting accessories
, where the possibilities really are endless.

Jeep accessories for performance

Now, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty: beneath the fancy lights and glowing grille, your Jeep was
designed as a military vehicle
. Here are the accessories you can add to bring your Jeep back to its high-performance roots.

#9: Air intakes

Price range: $250 to $500
Showering your engine in cold air is the best way to keep it running at peak performance. Cold air intakes, like
this one for the Grand Cherokee
this one for the Wrangler
will boost the torque and horsepower of your Jeep’s engine, and you won’t need to upgrade your Jeep’s trim level to get it.

#10: Lift kits

Price range: $750 to $1,500
If you bought your Jeep for its rock-crawling capabilities, a
killer lift kit
is a no-brainer. In a nutshell, the lift kit increases the clearance of your Jeep, so you can go full mountain-goat-mode—conquering any boulder in sight.
Don’t forget to couple your lift kit with large, off-roading wheels!

#11: Brakes and rotors

Price range: $200 to $500
A strong engine comes with tons of benefits, but it also means that you’ll be putting plenty of stress on your brake pads and rotors. Jeep has a few
OEM upgrades you can make
, but we think you should check out
aftermarket suppliers
for maximum selection.

#12: Engine parts

Price range: Anywhere from $10 for a drain plug to $700 for a power steering pump
Jeep owners know that every part counts, especially for your engine! From drain plugs to spark plugs,
enhanced engine accessories
will squeeze every drop of power out of your Jeep. Whether you invest a few dollars or a couple of grand, you’ll feel the difference when you’re cruising down the highway. 

How to save money on Jeep accessories

You might have noticed that we sprinkled aftermarket options throughout our article—that’s because they’re a great way to save money on upgrades!
is the official manufacturer of Jeep parts, so their accessories are top-tier. Unfortunately, they also charge more for their components. If you want to customize your Jeep without breaking the bank, aftermarket suppliers are the way to go.
Usually, aftermarket suppliers have more options than the original manufacturer, so they can knock a few dollars off the price tag. On top of that, you won’t be stuck with the OEM design, which allows you to infuse your personality into your Jeep.
are two of our favorite aftermarket companies for Jeep owners.
Pro Tip Be a little cautious when you’re buying from aftermarket suppliers. Check out their reviews and selling history before you make any big purchases!

How to find affordable Jeep insurance

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