Is Driving Barefoot Illegal in Maine?

Driving barefoot is legal in Maine, but you could run into stiffer legal consequences if you’re in a crash without proper footwear.
Written by Samuel Todd
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Though you might have heard otherwise, driving barefoot is legal in
. Still, it’s dangerous to drive without shoes, so you might face harsher penalties if you cause a crash while driving barefoot.
There are plenty of situations where it’s tempting to drive barefoot. Maybe you just got back from swimming at the beach, or camping, or you’re ten hours into an all-day road trip and need to give your feet a break. Fortunately, there’s no law stopping you from kicking off your shoes and crossing state borders, since driving barefoot is legal in all 50 states (and D.C., too!).
The story isn’t quite that simple, though. You aren’t legally required to wear shoes while driving, but most states encourage it, and you could be hit with a stiffer punishment if you’re in a crash barefoot.
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Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Maine?

Nope! Driving barefoot has always been legal in Maine. 
How do we know? Well, it all started in the summer of 1994, with a legendary man named Jason Heimbaugh. For some reason (your guess is as good as ours!), Jason decided to write letters to all 50 DMVs, asking if driving barefoot was legal in their states. One by one, responses made their way back to Jason: and every state said yes! 
So, next time your friends or parents tell you that driving barefoot is illegal, you can invoke the name of Jason Heimbaugh to prove them wrong. But beware—just because driving barefoot is legal doesn’t mean it’s a great idea. In Maine, if your lack of proper footwear is found to be part of the reason that you crashed, you could face additional fines or heightened charges.
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Is it safe to drive barefoot?

Though it’s not impossible to drive without shoes, it’s less safe than using proper footwear and can lead to accidents. 
Here are a few of the reasons that you should lace up before you hop behind the wheel:
  • Driving barefoot makes it harder to brake
  • Bare feet have worse grip than shoes (especially if you’ve been swimming!)
  • For some people, having bare feet can be a distraction
  • You have less contact with driving pedals without shoes on
  • There’s a greater chance of serious injury to your feet if you’re in a crash
Now, if you don’t have proper footwear, it could be better to ditch the shoes before you drive. If your only option is flip-flips or high heels, it’s actually safer to go barefoot. Best to have an extra pair of solid shoes in your car if you’re heading to a very formal event (like a gala) or a very informal event (like a beach barbecue)!
The bottom line: a sturdy, closed-toe shoe is best for safe driving. That said, it isn’t illegal to drive barefoot, and going shoeless is better than wearing awkward shoes like high heels.
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