Is Driving Barefoot Illegal in Connecticut?

It’s completely legal to drive barefoot in Connecticut—the state has no laws whatsoever that address the issue.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jun 01, 2022
Despite longstanding rumors to the contrary, barefoot driving in
is 100% legal, as the state does not have any laws on the books that speak to the issue. 
If you like to kick off your shoes and feel the wind between your toes when you drive, you’ve probably been told a few times that it’s illegal to drive barefoot. Well, get ready to triumphantly point and laugh at those people, because it’s not. 
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. Driving without shoes is legal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a great idea in some circumstances.
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To learn the details about barefoot driving in Connecticut, read on! 

Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Connecticut?

Nope! Driving barefoot is totally legal in Connecticut, and it always has been. 
Fun fact: it’s never been illegal to drive barefoot anywhere in the U.S. This myth was officially disproved back in the summer of 1994 by someone named Jason Heimbaugh. Jason contacted the DMV in each state to ask them if barefoot driving was legal there, and the answers were all the same: yes. 
Connecticut’s response was a succinct “we are not aware of any Connecticut state laws that address this issue.” Okay, then. 
So there it is, once and for all. Barefoot driving is legal in Connecticut. While some other states recommend that drivers wear shoes or stipulate that barefoot driving might be considered reckless if it’s found to have contributed to an accident, Connecticut makes no such statements. 

Is it safe to drive barefoot?

So it’s legal, but is it safe? Turns out there is an element of truth to the idea that barefoot driving is not always the safest idea around. 
Driving without shoes could be considered risky because:
  • Driving barefoot reduces the amount of braking force you have
  • Bare feet generally have less traction than shoes, especially if they’re wet
  • Being barefoot in an accident greatly increases the chance of injury to your feet
  • Bare feet might cause a distraction for some drivers (stubbed toe, anyone?) 
That being said, there are certain kinds of shoes that might actually be safer to kick off before you drive, like heels and flip-flops. 
The bottom line: closed-toed shoes with a good sole are the safest choice for driving footwear, but going barefoot isn’t breaking any laws. In some cases, no shoes might be preferable to ones that are clumsy to maneuver or limit your foot and ankle mobility. 

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