Is My License Plate Frame Legal in Illinois?

You can use a license plate frame in Illinois as long as it doesn’t obstruct, distort, or tint any part of your license plate.
Written by Amy Bobinger
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
If you live in
and want to add a little personality to your car, you can use a
license plate
frame, as long as it doesn’t affect the visibility of your license plate at all.
License plate frames can be a fun way to show off your team spirit, advertise your business, or spread the word about a cause you believe in. However, many states have laws that regulate what kind of license plate frames or covers are acceptable. That’s why it’s so important to know the laws in your state—if you don’t, you could end up with a hefty fine.
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Yes, you can use license plate frames in Illinois. However, there are some guidelines about what you can and can’t have on your vehicle, and there could be steep fines for getting it wrong.

What are the rules for license plate frames in Illinois?

According to
Section 10/27.2
of the Illinois Compiled Statutes, it is illegal to obstruct your registration plate or block its visibility to electronic image recording. 
That means if you have a license plate frame, it must not block any part of your license plate. That includes the state's name at the top of the license plate, the phrase “Land of Lincoln” at the bottom, and the entire combination of letters and numbers that make up your tag number. If your entire license plate is visible, the frame is legal.

What about license plate covers?

License plate covers aren’t strictly illegal, but be careful when you’re choosing one. If an officer finds that your license plate cover makes it hard to read your license plate, you could be fined. 
To be safe, choose a perfectly clear cover—it shouldn’t be made of tinted glass or plastic. Also, it should not be reflective or holographic, and it shouldn’t distort the license plate numbers at all.

What are the fines for license plate frames in Illinois?

If you’re caught with a license plate frame or cover that blocks your tag number, you could be fined $750. And if you tried to physically alter the license plate to make it less visible, that fine goes up to $1000
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