How to Remote Start Your GMC Sierra

Remote start your GMC Sierra by pressing the LOCK button and holding REMOTE START for at least four seconds. Click here for details.
Written by Max Werner
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jun 16, 2022
GMC Sierra’s
remote start makes starting your car easier than ever. Just press the lock button on your key fob, hold the Remote Start button for at least 4 seconds, and your GMC Sierra will run up to 15 minutes without a driver. 
You can picture it now—kids running late for school, Pop-Tarts idling in the toaster, frost on your windshield. Luckily, the GMC Sierra remote start has your back. Use this feature to get out of a pinch or warm your engine on frigid days.
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. We’re here to break down the GMC Sierra remote start process. By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the tricks you need to get your Sierra warmed up and ready for the road.

How to remote start your GMC Sierra

GMC recommends starting your Sierra within 195 feet. Any farther and you risk malfunctioning the remote start process. Use the following steps to begin the Sierra remote start procedure. 
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Starting the car

  • Press the lock button on your
    key fob
  • Hold the remote start button. Continue holding for at least four seconds.
  • Wait for your GMC Sierra 1500 to flash its lights. Signal lights mean the engine will turn on.
After the remote start, your GMC Sierra 1500 will run continuously for 15 minutes. If a driver is not detected within 15 minutes, the engine will automatically shut off. 
You can also start your GMC Sierra 1500 using the
myGMC app
. Here’s how:
  • Download the “myGMC app” from the App Store or Google Play
  • Enter your region and sign in to your GMC owner account
  • Add your Sierra using the vehicles VIN
  • Press and hold the power button on the home screen
Your GMC Sierra 1500 will last for 15 minutes when it has been remote started from the app. Thanks to a countdown timer on the power button, you'll know how long the vehicle will continue to run.
Pro Tip The myGMC app only works with vehicles model 2010 and up. GMC unveiled remote start features in 2003, so there’s still a chance to find a vehicle without app functionality.

Turning off the engine

  • Hold the remote start (power on mobile) button.
After three seconds, your GMC Sierra 1500 will shut off its engine, hush the parking lights, and keep the doors locked. That makes it unbelievably easy to turn off the car (wherever you are) or undo a mistake if you’ve accidentally activated remote start! 

GMC Sierra remote start tips and tricks

That’s not all—your GMC Sierra might be easy to turn on (and off), but there’s more to it than a few presses and holds. The following tricks can keep you safe when remoting starting your vehicle:
  • During a remote start, your climate control system automatically springs to life (depending on weather conditions). Rear defog and ventilated seats may activate, depending on your vehicle package.
  • To enable the remote start of ventilated or heated seats, adjust settings, or change the temperature limit, visit your vehicle’s onboard personalization menu
  • Though you can extend the remote time (by repeating a remote start), your GMC Sierra 1500 will automatically shut off after 30 minutes. Additionally, safety shut-offs will occur when coolant pressure is too high, oil pressure is low, or the security alarm is triggered. 
  • Common causes of failed remote start include open hoods, hazard flashers, emission control system malfunctions, disabled park mode, open doors, and much more!
Key Takeaway Study up on your vehicle’s start-up handbook. If your remote start malfunctions, the cause (and fix) may be simpler than you think.

Which GMC models come with remote start?

The Sierra is one of GMC's largest (and most luxurious) pick-ups on the market, but it’s not the only vehicle with a remote start. Here’s a handful of GMC vehicles sporting this helpful tech:

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