How to Get an Arkansas Handicap Placard (and Who’s Eligible)

Drivers must display a disabled license plate or placard with the International Symbol of Access to use a disabled parking space in Arkansas.
Written by Brittni Brinn
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
You must have a disabled license plate or placard displaying the International Symbol of Access (ISA) to park in a disabled parking space in
Finding easy to access parking can be a headache for drivers with temporary and permanent disabilities. To help make it easier, every state provides disabled or accessible parking spots that require a placard or
Arkansas license plate
to use. However, the regulations around disabled parking placards differ from state to state, so it’s good to be aware of what rules apply in your home state. 
If you’re one of the 18% of Arkansans with a disability that affects your mobility, you may be eligible for a disabled parking placard. In this guide, you'll find an overview of disabled parking placards—from how to get them to who’s eligible
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How to get a disabled parking placard or plate in Arkansas

There are two types of disabled parking placards in Arkansas: 
  • Permanent placard: This placard is for those with long-term disabilities and is good for four years (as of 2020, when the code updated from expiring in two years to four years). 
  • Temporary placard: This placard is for those with short-term conditions and is good for three months.
Each placard features the International Symbol of Access (ISA), a blue-and-white or red-and-white stick figure with a wheelchair.
The icon can be misleading, however—you don’t need to use a wheelchair to be eligible for a disabled parking placard. Read on for a non-exhaustive list of conditions that qualify you for a permanent or temporary placard in the Land of Opportunity.

Who’s eligible for a disabled parking placard?

Not all disabilities are visible. You meet the legal definition of disability in Arkansas if you: 
  • Cannot walk 100 feet without resting
  • Require the use of mobility aids, such as a brace, cane, crutch, prosthetic, wheelchair, or other assistive devices. This includes if you need assistance from another person
  • Have a lung condition that results in reduced respiratory function, which can be determined from a pulmonary lung function test
  • Use portable oxygen
  • Have a heart condition that impacts your physical activity, such as class III or IV heart failure (based on the
    American Heart Association standards
  • Have a spinal cord injury, a genetic ambulatory disorder, or an amputation
  • Have other diagnoses that affect mobility, such as Multiple Sclerosis
Temporary placards cover short-term conditions, such as broken legs or other injuries that limit mobility. You can use this placard for three months, but once it expires it cannot be renewed
Permanent placards cover a wide range of conditions, visible and non-visible, that affect a driver’s mobility and are good for four years. When you apply, you’ll have the choice of receiving one
specialty license plate
, one specialty plate with one permanent placard, or two permanent placards.

How to apply

Whether you’re applying for a Permanent or Temporary disabled parking placard, you’ll have to ask your doctor to fill out a
Licensed Physician's Certification Form 10-336
to verify your disability.
You’ll also need the following at the time of application:
If you represent an organization that provides transportation for persons with disabilities, you also must complete Form 10-336. Instead of a social security or driver’s license number, you’ll have to provide the organization’s Federal Employer ID number.
Once your physician has completed the form, you can submit the form and supporting documentation in person or by mail to your local Arkansas Revenue Office.
There’s no fee to apply for disabled parking placards, but plates will cost the regular Arkansas license plate fee. Your disabled parking license plate will need to be renewed annually with your
vehicle registration

Renewing a disabled parking placard

A temporary disabled parking placard will expire after the three months are completed. Even if you are issued a replacement during this time, the expiry date will remain the same. You cannot renew a temporary placard without a new application form, which will need to be filled in by a physician again.
Permanent disabled parking placards will need to be renewed every four years. Thankfully, the renewal process is quite simple—you won’t have to recertify to receive a renewal and you have a few options for how to renew:
  • Online through the
    ArSTAR System
  • Call the toll-free number 1-800-941-2580
  • Renew by mail
Office of Motor Vehicle
PO Box 3153
Little Rock, AR 72203-3153
Key Takeaway: To apply for a disabled parking placard in Arkansas, you’ll need a licensed medical professional to fill out a form confirming that you have a qualifying disability. 

Guidelines for veterans with disabilities

Disabled veteran specialty plates
are available for one vehicle of any Arkansas resident veteran. In the past, you needed your qualifying impairment to be service-connected and certified by the Veteran’s Administration (VA).
But as of 2019, “disabled veteran” was expanded to mean a person who meets the definition of disabled veteran OR a disabled veteran with a non-service related injury.
You’ll need to complete an
Application for Persons with Disability
form and submit it with a copy of your ID and a VA rating certification.
Your disabled veteran plate will allow you to use accessible parking spaces same as a Permanent or Temporary disabled parking placard.
One plate may also be reissued to the surviving spouse of a veteran. To claim a veteran’s plate, you’ll have to pay a small fee and provide a marriage license and death certificate of the disabled veteran.
Key Takeaway: As with Permanent disabled parking placards, disabled veterans will need to fill out the application for persons with a disability and renew their specialty plates every four years. 
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You can! If you hold a Permanent disabled parking placard in Arkansas, you can renew online through the
ArSTAR System
. You cannot renew a Temporary disabled parking placard without submitting a whole new mailed-in application form with your physician’s verification.
All disabled parking placards are free in Arkansas. There are no additional fees applied to disabled parking plates, but regular license plate fees may apply.
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