How to Get a Temporary License Plate in Arizona

The temporary license plate fee in Arizona is $1 for a basic three-day permit or $15 for 30-day or 90-day permits.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Edited by Pat Roache
Drivers in
can obtain a temporary
license plate
with a three-day restricted use permit, a 30-day general use permit, or a 90-day registration while they’re working on obtaining their permanent plates and
vehicle registration
  • Arizona motorists can apply for temporary license plates at their local MVD office, Motor Vehicle Services third-party office, or online at
  • Be prepared to provide your driver’s license number, vehicle information, and proof of ownership when you apply for your temporary Arizona license plate.
  • New car owners in Arizona can print temporary 3-day permits at home to display on their car once they pick it up from the dealership.

Arizona temporary license plates: the basics

Temporary license plates in Arizona are administered by the
Arizona Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicles Division
(ADOT MVD). They fall into three categories, based on the length of the registration and the type of restrictions on its use: 
  • Restricted use three-day permit: Allows a driver to drive from their home to the MVD to obtain a permanent registration and license plates
  • 30-day general use permit: Allows a driver to operate a new car normally for 30 days before obtaining a permanent registration
  • 90-day registration: Allows drivers without complete documentation for permanent registration to operate a new vehicle for 90 days while assembling documentation
How much it costs: $1 for the basic 3-day permit or $15 for the 30-day and 90-day permits. Your
Arizona Vehicle License Taxes (VLT)
will be calculated at the time of registration, based on the date of issuance for your permit.

How to get a temporary license plate in Arizona

Drivers in the Grand Canyon State can obtain temporary registration by one of the follow:
  • In-person: Head to your local
    MVD office
    or an authorized third-party provider.
  • Online Apply through the official
    site (for restricted use 3-day permits and 30-day general use permit only).
Whether you’re heading to the MVD in person or just logging on at home, be prepared to provide the following: 
Once you’ve got your temporary tags: Display your temporary license plate on the vehicle exactly as you would a permanent plate. Make sure all the text, including the name of the state, is visible and legible and the tag itself is securely attached at least 12 inches above the ground.  
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You cannot drive a car without plates in Arizona

Car owners in the state of Arizona are required to:
However, drivers can apply for a temporary permits that comes with a placard to be displayed on the car for a limited time, in certain situations. 
New car owners: If you’ve just
bought a car in Arizona
and don’t yet have plates, you’ll need to get a 3-day restricted use permit or another form of temporary registration before you can drive. Arizona’s MVD allows drivers to print temporary tags at home using the
online portal
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