How to Deal with Rising Gas Prices in Nevada

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The current price of gas in Nevada is the third highest in the nation, second only to
. Changes in the global economy and political sphere, and reliance on gas supplies from other states contribute to this historic high. 
The cost of gas seems to be a hot topic for all the wrong reasons. Gas prices are rising in the US at an astronomical speed and the attempt to find out why seems to have a lot of finger-pointing and no real answers. 
While some are quick to blame politics and a recent ban on Russian gas and oil imports, others will point out that the US only imports 8% of its oil from Russia. The price of a barrel of oil is up, but not to the extent that would explain this degree of increase at the pump. Is it the pandemic? Is it lizard people? Are we in the Upside Down? 
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Read on for a guide to Nevada’s ever-rising gas prices and some expert advice on your best bets to save some money on your car expenses. 

What is the average price of gas in Nevada?

According to
, the average price of a gallon of gas in Nevada is $5.24 as of May 2022. That’s 65 cents more than the national average of $4.59/gal
And if you get anything other than regular grade, that price is going to be even higher. Here’s how gas prices in Nevada break down by grade: 
  • Regular: $5.24/gal
  • Mid-grade: $5.47/gal
  • Premium: $5.67/gal
  • Diesel: $5.54/gal
If you have a car that requires
premium fuel
or a
diesel vehicle
, you’re going to feel some extra pain at the pump. 

Which city in Nevada has the highest gas prices?

Not only do gas prices vary by state—but by city, too. Prices are higher on the west side of the state, so if you’re in
, expect to pay around $5.60/gal.
Las Vegas
is not only the priciest city in the state for gas but also
one of the most expensive in the country
. At the time of writing, prices there are running a searing $4.69 to $4.79 a gallon, according to
You’ll typically find better prices on the eastern side of the state, with Battle Mountain coming in at around $4.45/gal and Carlin at $4.39/gal for regular-grade fuel. 

Why are gas prices in Nevada so high?

According to
US News
, gas prices in Nevada have risen to an astounding 51% in the past year—the highest rate of increase in the nation. Why are drivers in
paying $4.04/gal today, while Nevada prices are over a dollar higher in some cities? 
There’s a lot of murkiness around the answer to this question, and the more one digs the
more irksome it gets
. Without getting too much into the kind of
that create tensions at family gatherings, here’s what we’ll say about high gas prices in Nevada. 
For starters, Nevada gets most of its gas from California. Increased transportation costs mean that not only are Nevadans getting some of the most expensive gas in the nation, but they’re also paying to have it transported across state lines. Factor in how California also gets its gasoline from outside the state—and it shows at the pump. 
Nevada also sees a lot of traffic from tourism and recreation, especially in the Las Vegas and
areas. Particularly, the spike in activity comes from more relaxed pandemic restrictions, allowing people to travel more—and increasing the demand for gas.
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How to deal with Nevada’s gas prices

So do you leave Nevada for Oklahoma? Get reacquainted with your skateboard? Brush up on your blackjack skills in hopes of funding your fuel needs?
Let’s not be rash, now. Nevada’s gas prices might be burdensome, but there are ways to manage the strain that increased fuel costs put on your wallet. Follow these tips and you can adapt to the surges in Nevada gas prices. 
  • Stay on top of maintenance:When you’re paying out the nose just to fill up the tank, you might be tempted to skip
    routine maintenance
    . Don’t. Keeping up with your car’s regular maintenance requirements can prevent bigger expenses down the road, and a well-maintained car is more fuel-efficient. 
  • Keep an eye on your tires:Filling the gas tank? Get in the habit of checking your tires too. Underinflated tires can cause a
    0.2% drop in gas mileage
    for every 1 psi missing. This adds up, and keeping your tires at the right inflation is an easy way to maximize your mileage. 
  • Learn some DIY car repair skills: If you’re looking to reduce maintenance costs, you can learn to do some simple tasks yourself. It’s always best to
    leave big issues to a professional
    , but learning to change your own wiper blades, air filters, and spark plugs can help you save money.  
  • Refinance your car loan:Car payments are one of the biggest monthly expenses for a lot of people, and refinancing your loan is often a great way to get a better rate and lower your payments. Jerry offers
    refinancing services
    to users who shop for insurance in the app!
  • Go electric: Nevada may have some of the nation’s highest gas prices, but it's also aggressively
    electric vehicle charging infrastructure
    . It’s a good time to get a green vehicle and get some
    great tax breaks
    , as well.
  • Switch insurance companies: Like gas prices, insurance rates can change quickly. Experts recommend shopping for a
    new car insurance policy every six months
    —and with help from Jerry, it’ll be fast and easy!  

Save money on car insurance in Nevada

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