How to Complete an MVD Change of Address in Montana

A Montana change of address must be completed either in person or by mailing a change of address form to the MVD.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
If you’re a new
resident, you’ll need to head to your local Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office to apply for a Montana license. Current residents can update their address by mail or in person.
In the age of all-things-virtual, it may seem surprising when we have to do something in person or on paper. However, if you’re moving to or within Montana, you’ll need to get a bit more hands-on than you may be used to when updating your information with the MVD. Luckily, updating your address with your insurance provider can be as simple as using an app.
To help you stay on top of your records when you move to your new digs, keep reading!
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How to change your address on a Montana driver’s license

For most of us, waiting in line at the MVD is probably the last thing you want to do with your free time. Some Montana residents have the lucky option to simply mail in their change of address requests.

If you’re moving within Montana

Whether you’re moving from
Great Falls
or just around the corner to a new apartment in
, Montana requires you to update your address with the MVD within 10 days of establishing your new residence. You can do this in one of two ways:
You’ll need to provide the following information to successfully update your address:
  • Your old address
  • Your new address
  • Your Montana driver's license or ID number

If you’re moving to Montana from another state

If you’re becoming a new Montana resident, you need to head to your nearest
MVD Driver License Station
within 60 days of moving to apply in person for your new Montana license. 
In addition to your current valid out-of-state license, you’ll need to bring documents with you to establish the following to complete your application:
You won’t be required to take a road or vision test as long as your out-of-state license is unexpired. You will, however, be required to pay a fee for your new license, which will depend on both your age and the length of time you choose to have your license valid.
Now that you have your license squared away, you’ll also need to update your motor vehicle registration within 60 days of moving to Montana.

Other steps for a Montana change of address

Though it can be easy to forget about things like “snail mail” when moving, you should submit your new address with the United States Postal Service (USPS) whenever you move. They make it easy with their
fully-automated online address change form
that also allows you to update your voter registration. In addition to making sure all your mail gets to the right place, you’ll also be able to grab a handful of mover-friendly coupons for savings on hundreds of the things you’ll need to fill your new nest.
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How to notify your insurance company of your Montana change of address

We know you’re ready to just lay back and relax after taking care of all these to-dos, but you still have one more thing to do—give your new address to your insurance provider. You don’t even need to wait until you’ve moved to do this, so save yourself some trouble and update your address with an agent as soon as possible with the effective date for your move. 
Unlike updating with the MVD, updating your insurer with a new address is usually pretty simple. Just give your agent a quick call, or use your provider’s website or mobile app to update your address if they have one.

Why notifying your insurance company of a change of address is so important

It’s easy to imagine that your address change can wait as long as you’re paying your insurance premiums on time and in full. However, failing to change your address with your insurance provider can have some pretty serious consequences. Here’s why:
  • First, your insurance premium is heavily determined by your address. If you don’t keep it up to date, it could result in over or underpaying and could even be interpreted as attempted insurance fraud.
  • Montana is one of the 49 states in the US that sets a legal minimum for liability insurance to be able to drive. If you’ve just moved to Montana and you haven’t updated your insurance to comply with the state’s minimums, you could end up facing fines or license suspension if you’re pulled over.

How to find affordable car insurance in Montana

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