How to Build a Custom Acura TL

Have your car, and drive it too: here’s everything you need to know about customizing your Acura TL.
Written by Matt Nightingale
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Feb 01, 2023
Luxurious yet unassuming, the Acura TL is a confident and balanced offering from Honda’s luxury car wing. Superseded by the Acura TLX after 2014, the mid-size luxury sedan was made available in two trim levels, with four options packages to choose from.
While the
Acura TL
’s exterior isn’t particularly eye-catching, it’s the interior and performance that make this car a great purchase. Options packages available at the time of purchase only made this car safer and more fun to drive, so any model and trim TL you find should be a safe and enjoyable ride.
In this article, we
take a look at what types of options were made available for the 2014 Acura TL, what you can expect to find on the market today, and what types of modifications you can make to maximize your TL’s performance.
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Acura TL customization options

The last of its generation, the 2014 Acura TL was made available in two
trim levels
: TL and TL SH-AWD.
The base model TL trim came loaded with features, such as keyless entry, automatic headlights, fog lights, a sunroof, and dual-zone climate control.
Bluetooth connectivity and an eight-speaker sound system are also included in the base model. A standard six-CD changer with the ability to download CDs to a 13GB hard drive was fine for the day, but it now stands as a reminder that 2014 was a technological transition period.
Some of the features on offer in the TL have aged better than others, though. Leather upholstery, heated power front seats, auto-dimming rearview mirror, and heated side mirrors can all still be appreciated. The steering wheel on the TL is tilting and telescopic, and driver memory settings allow you to save your seat, mirror, and steering wheel position with the touch of a button, lending further to the TL’s enduring charm.
The Special Edition package was made available for the TL trim level, upgrading from 17-inch to 18-inch alloy wheels, and adding a rear spoiler and keyless ignition.
The higher TL SH-AWD trim level adds performance to the luxury of the TL trim with a sportier suspension and steering, all-wheel drive, upgraded brakes, upgraded 3.7-liter V6 engine, and 18-inch alloy wheels.
Two options packages were made available for both the TL and SH-AWD trims: the Technology package and the Advanced package.
The Technology package features keyless entry, keyless ignition, a 10-speaker audio system, and a GPS navigation system to make your life easier. On the safety side, this options package also includes voice command, which helps you keep your hands on the steering wheel, and a rearview camera to keep you aware of your surroundings.
The Advanced package offers all the amenities available in the Technology package and adds a handy and convenient blind-spot monitoring system, heated and ventilated front seats for maximum comfort, and a wheel upgrade to 18 or 19 inches on the TL and TL SH-AWD respectively.
Key Takeaway Look for the TL SH-AWD with the Advanced options package for the complete Acura TL experience.

Acura TL optional packages

optional packages
available for the Acura TL were pretty straightforward and simply built upwards from the base model foundation. Each options package added to the performance and technological capabilities and strived to make the driving experience increasingly enjoyable.
If you’re shopping for a used Acura TL, you may be able to find a model that included one of these packages. Here’s a list of all the packages and features that were available for the Acura TL.
Which trims is it available on?
Special Edition
18-inch alloy wheels, rear spoiler, keyless entry/ignition
8-inch infotainment screen, GPS navigation, 10-speaker surround-sound system, rearview camera, voice command, keyless entry/ignition
All trims
8-inch infotainment screen, GPS navigation, 10-speaker surround-sound system, rearview camera, voice command, keyless entry/ignition, blind-spot monitoring system, heated and ventilated front seats
All trims
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How to customize your TL to save money

While customizations generally lead to higher retail prices, some customizations can help you save money in the long run. Acura stopped production on the TL in 2014, so you won’t be able to order your own customized TL from the factory, and you’ll be limited to whatever already exists in the used car market. Here are some customization options to look out for if you want to buy an Acura TL.
  • Blind-spot monitoring: Blind-spot monitoring is included in all Acura TLs with the Advanced options package. This option reduces the chances of a collision by alerting you when another vehicle is in your blind spot. Safety features like this can help you save money on your car insurance, not to mention costs from potential accidents.
  • Rearview camera: TLs outfitted with the Technology and Advanced options packages come with a rearview camera, giving you a better view of what’s behind you when you’re backing up. This will help you avoid fender benders and high insurance rates that can result from even the smallest of accidents.
  • Voice command: Also part of the Technology and Advanced packages, voice command allows you to execute tasks hands-free, like making phone calls, streaming audio, or pulling up directions on your GPS navigation system. With this feature, you can keep your attention on the road, reducing your chance of an accident and increasing your chance of saving money on your car insurance.
  • Manual transmission: If you’re one of those wizards who somehow knows how to drive a stick shift, you could save yourself some money by looking for a TL with a manual transmission. The TL has had a lot of transmission failure issues over the years, but the issue has been predominantly in TLs with automatic transmissions. A manual transmission was an option available for the SH-AWD trim, and it could save you from paying for a costly transmission rebuild or replacement.

The best Acura TL mods

Although the chance to order a custom TL from the factory is long gone, you can still have your TL the way you like it by modifying it yourself. Here are some of the more popular aftermarket modifications for the Acura TL.


While the
TL’s V6 engine
is not disappointing, at 280 horsepower, it’s not exhilarating either. You can boost your TL’s performance by replacing the factory cold-air intake system with an aftermarket system. With this modification, you could see a jump of up to 15 horsepower.


You can get even more performance out of your TL’s engine by modifying your exhaust system. By installing a system with wider tailpipes, air is able to escape the engine bay faster, increasing your engine’s output by up to 40 horsepower.


You can improve your Acura’s handling and performance by installing lowering springs. Lowering your TL moves its center of gravity closer to the ground, decreasing air drag, improving traction, and reducing the chance of roll-overs in tight turns.

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