How Many Miles Can an Infiniti G35 Last?

As long as the Infiniti G35 is well maintained and isn’t driven too roughly, it should last over 200,000 miles and up to 13 years.
Written by Mary Cahill
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Oct 03, 2022
As long as it gets regularly scheduled maintenance and isn’t driven too roughly, you can expect the Infiniti G35 to last more than 200,000 miles and up to 13 years. 
Thanks to the Infiniti G35’s expertly built engine, which is both durable and powerful, you can typically enjoy driving this sporty little sedan for hundreds of thousands of miles without experiencing major issues. But, like any other car, the G35 requires regular maintenance and should be driven responsibly if you want it to live up to its full mileage potential. 
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How many miles can an Infiniti G35 last?

The Infiniti G35 can usually last for over 200,000 miles without major issues. 
Other variables must be factored in when we talk about the G35’s longevity though, such as age and current mileage, but the best way to make your Infiniti G35 last is to keep up with maintenance like regular oil changes and tire rotations. 

How many years do Infiniti G35s last?

Infiniti G35s can last for up to 13 years. 
The length of your Infiniti G35’s life will depend on
how well you take care of it
. If you push the engine to its limits, are hard on the brakes, or don’t stick to a regular maintenance schedule, you won’t reap the benefits of driving the same car for a decade-plus. 

How reliable is an Infiniti G35?

The Infiniti G35 is a fairly reliable car. In fact, J.D. Power gave the G35 a 4.5 out of 5 reliability score for the 2008 model year, which was the last year the G35 was produced. (It was replaced by the
Infiniti G37
As is true of any vehicle, the Infiniti G35 has its problems. And, the higher the mileage, the more likely problems will start to develop. The most common complaints drivers had with the G35 had to do with interior accessories
For example, the 2003 G35 was known to have problems with the radio and CD player, while owners of the 2007 and 2008 model years complained of the dashboard cracking. Other issues reported were defective door locks and a faulty sunroof
On the plus side, many Infiniti G35 drivers praise the VQ35DE3.5-liter V6 engine for its solid performance over the long haul, but you’ll need to purchase a 2007 or 2008 model as this remarkable engine was only offered for the final two years.  

Are Infiniti G35s expensive to maintain?

Infiniti G35s are not particularly expensive to maintain—especially compared to other cars in a similar price range. RepairPal estimates that the average annual cost to maintain your Infiniti G35 is $476
Again, this dollar amount is based on how well the G35 has been cared for in the past—and how many miles are currently on the odometer. If the G35 was regularly maintained since it was brand new, it shouldn’t be expensive to maintain over time.  


Typically, the brakes on the Infiniti G35 will last between 25,000 and 65,000 miles, with most drivers requiring replacements around the 40,000-mile mark. 
If you want to make your brakes last, take it easy on them. That being said, if your lifestyle requires you to do a lot of driving or your commute is subject to rush hour traffic, you’ll need to have your brakes inspected more frequently to make sure they’re in good working order. 
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The tires on an Infiniti G35 will last around 10,000 to 15,000 miles before you need to change them out. As a general rule, you should be replacing all-weather tires every three to four years—but this too depends on how often you’re driving. 


The transmission of the Infiniti G35 should last between 190,000 and 220,000 miles
Transmission problems are usually a sign that you should start looking for a new car, but if you check your transmission fluid and promptly address any transmission-related issues, you shouldn’t have to worry about having to prematurely replace it. The transmission is one of the most expensive car parts.

Spark plugs

The Infiniti G35’s spark plugs are no joke—they can last up to 105,000 miles!  
Be aware that if you start to notice that your engine is lacking power, this could be a sign that the spark plugs need to be replaced. This is known to be a fairly inexpensive repair, so it’s best to address the issue right away so that it doesn’t turn into a more serious engine issue. 

How to prolong the lifespan of your Infiniti G35

If you hadn’t already guessed, taking care of your Infiniti G35 is the best way to make it last
Here are some basic car care practices that can help your Infiniti G35 live a full life: 
  • Follow a maintenance schedule: Consult your G35 owner’s manual—it will tell you when you’ll need to have certain services performed on your vehicle, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and more.
  • Buy quality parts: Cheap parts are often cheap for a reason. Don’t give in to the temptation to buy parts that don’t meet Infiniti’s specifications. If your manual says you must use premium fluid, buy the correct fluid to avoid bigger issues down the road.
  • Pay attention to your car: Car problems can happen even when you adhere to a strict maintenance schedule. Don’t pretend your
    check engine light
    isn’t lit up on your dashboard or turn the stereo up because you hear rattling under the hood. Address all concerns right away so that they don’t worsen over time. 
  • Keep your car clean:
    Washing and waxing
    your car will preserve the paint while regularly vacuuming inside keeps the carpet and upholstery looking fresher longer. 

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