GMC Yukon Gas Tank Size

The typical GMC Yukon gas tank size is 24 or 28 gallons, but a few configurations unlock an optional 39-gallon tank for serious driving.
Written by James Ellaby
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The engine equipped in your GMC Yukon determines the size of your gas tank. In most Yukons, the fuel tank’s capacity is between 24 and 39 gallons
When you’re looking at buying a new car, there are lots of numbers thrown at you. Engine sizes and power specs, headroom, oil capacity, max passengers, and even wheel bolt patterns. 
But one of the most important measurements car owners should know is a vehicle’s gas tank size. This will help you determine roughly how long you can drive without filling up. It’s especially important if your car is a gas guzzler—like an SUV, for example. 
So, how big is the gas tank on a GMC Yukon?
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Read on to learn about this SUV’s gas tank size. Plus, we’ll provide some fuel-saving strategies and tips to lower your
GMC Yukon car insurance costs

How big is the gas tank on a GMC Yukon?

A GMC Yukon’s gas tank size is typically somewhere between 24 to 28 gallons—but certain versions can hold up to 39 gallons.
The Yukon has been around since 1991. The fuel capacity not only depends on which trim you select but also on what year your vehicle was produced.
has been gradually shrinking the Yukon’s gas tank over the years.
If you own a 1991 model, a 30-gallon tank comes standard. Compare that to the 2022 Yukon, which holds between 24 and 28 gallons, depending on the trim. 
Downsizing has been the general trend over time, with the standard gas tank size shrinking slowly from 30 to 29.5 to 26 and then down to 24. However, there are outliers.
For example, the largest gas tank on a Yukon was introduced in 2007. On select trims, you could not only get a 6.0L engine but also a 39-gallon fuel tank. This was the case up to the 2013 model year, but since then, the largest tank fell to 31 gallons and now is just 28 gallons.
The 28-gallon 2022 GMC Yukon SLT with two-wheel drive comes with a 5.3L engine and offers a maximum of 420 miles of driving range in the city and 560 miles on the highway. But the SLT with four-wheel drive comes with a 24-gallon tank and only lasts 336 miles in the city and 456 on the highway.
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How to check your GMC Yukon’s gas tank size

If you’re still not sure how many gallons your Yukon’s tank can accommodate, don’t worry. We’ve got some tips to help you determine your vehicle’s capacity. 

Check your owner’s manual

As long as you’ve still got your owner’s manual, you can check under Vehicle Data for the specifications. Check the table of contents or index for “fuel capacity” or something similar if you cannot locate the aforementioned section.
If you lost your owner’s manual, you can likely access a copy on

Measure the gas tank

Alternatively, with just a measuring tape and calculator, you can calculate your gas tank size yourself. All you need to do is multiply the width, length, and height of the tank, then divide that by 231 (which is the number of cubic inches in a gallon).

Drive till empty, then fill it up

You can always test the capacity of your gas tank by simply driving until it’s empty before filling it up. It’s risky, though—you could end up running out of gas in an inconvenient location. 
But as long as you make sure to fill up right away, you’ll be able to get a good idea of approximately how much gas your tank holds.
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How to save on fuel costs in a GMC Yukon 

With a regular gasoline engine and four-wheel drive, the 2022 GMC Yukon is rated for about 14-20 mpg combined city/highway, with minor variations depending on the engine and trim. 
If you want to avoid spending so much time and money at the pump, here are some tips to help you get better fuel efficiency: 
  • Drive carefully. Ease up on that gas pedal whenever you can and avoid harsh acceleration. This will be much better for your fuel consumption and bank account.
  • Avoid idling. Idling on a cold morning can make your journey to work a bit more pleasant, but it also wastes gas. Cutting this down to a minimum will help you in the long run.
  • Keep up with the maintenance. Small issues with cars can add up to bigger problems and higher long-term costs—especially if they negatively impact performance and fuel economy. Repair anything that’s acting up ASAP and stay on top of things like regular oil changes and tire rotations.

How to optimize your Yukon’s insurance coverage

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