GMC Terrain Third-Row Seating Review

The GMC Terrain may not have a third row of seats, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be your family’s SUV—learn more here.
Written by Drew Waterstreet
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
GMC Terrain
does not offer a third row of seats. You’ll have to turn to
if you want that seating configuration with similar GMC SUV styling.
But don’t count out the Terrain as your potential family SUV just yet! Its ambitious cargo space and roomy first and second rows are extremely appealing — at least for a family limit of five or fewer.
So before you go running to the three-row Acadia (or another seven-person, midsize crossover competitor), let the
team break down facts about the GMC Terrain. We’ll cover how the Terrain compensates for its lack of three-row seating and potential alternatives if passenger capacity is non-negotiable. 
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What is the GMC Terrain’s 3rd row like?

Unfortunately, the GMC Terrain does not have the option for third-row seating. So if you want a Terrain in your garage, you’ll have to settle for a maximum seating capacity of five passengers. However, other perks still make this model a useful SUV.

Space and comfort

You may not be able to equip your Terrain with a third row of seating, but the rest of the vehicle is quite roomy for a crossover SUV! Even though the Acadia is bigger than the Terrain, both models are identical in legroom for the front and second-row seats, which offer 41 inches and 39.7 inches, respectively.
In addition, the Terrain offers 29.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second-row seats. That’s enough space to fit suitcases rather than bookbags as the measurement of reference.
If three-row seating is non-negotiable, we got you covered. Here are some alternatives to consider, including the Acadia and other crossover SUVs that offer more than five seats:
Starting price
Third-row legroom
Third-row headroom
Total passenger volume
29.7 inches
37.2 inches
143.8 cubic feet
27.7 inches
36.1 inches
141.3 cubic feet
31.4 inches
37.2 inches
155.3 cubic feet

Is the GMC Terrain good for big families and long trips?

The GMC Terrain is not good for big families due to its five-passenger limit. But if your family unit is five or fewer, the Terrain can be a great road-tripper thanks to its spacious first and second rows and impressive cargo volume.
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