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If you receive a speeding ticket in Georgia, you can either contest the violation in court or accept the conviction and pay the fine. 
The consequences of a speeding ticket vary—from minor fines to super-speeder surcharges and points on your license. Depending on the location and circumstances, you could even face up to 12 months of jail time or a reckless driving conviction on your driving record.  
Every state deals with the penalties of speeding tickets differently, so it’s important to know what the options are in your state before you try to fight it in court. 
Here, the car insurance comparison app Jerry breaks down what you should know about speeding tickets in Georgia—from fines and payment options to the impact on your record and insurance rate.

What happens if you get a speeding ticket in Georgia? 

If an officer pulls you over for speeding in Georgia, they will ask for your license, registration, and proof of insurance.  
Though an officer may let you off the hook with a warning, it’s much more likely they’ll write you a traffic ticket. You will be asked to sign the ticket, indicating that you agree to appear in court on a specified date or pay the fine before then. 
Signing is not an admission of guilt. You will still get the chance to fight the ticket if you so choose. 

What are the fines for a speeding ticket in Georgia? 

Speeding ticket fines in Georgia begin at $25 and increase based on speed up to $500—or more in extenuating circumstances. 
On top of the speeding fine, additional fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis and charged by the county court in which the violation occurred. Factors that might increase your fine include speeding in a highway work zone or speeding in a school zone
Though all fines vary depending on the court and judge, the general maximum fines for first-time speeding tickets in Georgia are as follows:
TicketMaximum fine
Exceeding the limit by 5 mph or less$0
Exceeding the limit by more than 5 but no more than 10 mph$25
Exceeding the limit by more than 10 but no more than 14 mph$100
Exceeding the limit by more than 14 but less than 19 mph$125
Exceeding the limit by at least 19 but less than 24 mph$150
Exceeding the limit by at least 24 but less than 34 mph$500
A judge may decide to order a convicted driver to complete a defensive driving course in lieu of a speeding ticket fine or as an additional charge.   

Super speeder ticket

In Georgia, if you are caught exceeding 75 mph on a two-lane road or 85 mph on other roads you will be given a super speeder ticket with a surcharge fee of $200
This fine is tacked onto the total decided by the court, and is paid separately to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS)
Super speeding tickets may also lead to a reckless driving conviction, which is a misdemeanor charge penalized by fines in the thousands or possible jail time. 
Key Takeaway: Speeding ticket fines in Georgia are ultimately decided by the court, but usually run between $25 and $500 depending on how fast you’re speeding. If you exceed 75 mph on a two-lane road or 85 mph on other roads, you will receive a super speeder surcharge fine of $200.

Options for dealing with a speeding ticket in Georgia

If you’ve received a speeding ticket in Georgia, you can only perform one of two options: 
  • Pay the fine—thus pleading guilty 
  • Appear in court
Some tickets require the driver to appear in court. A mandatory court appearance will be noted on your citation if this is the case. 
If you are not required to report to court, you must either pay your penalty before the court date or show up in court. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your license until the case is resolved. 

How to pay a speeding ticket in Georgia 

If you have the money, paying the fine is the easiest way to handle a speeding ticket. 
In Georgia, you can do this online, by phone, by mail, or in person. The full amount needs to go to the court listed in your citation—check with the court or county’s website for specific payment directions.
In general, you will need the following information to complete the transaction: 
  • Citation number 
  • Court case number 
  • Driver’s license number
Once your fine has been paid, the court will notify the Georgia Department of Driver Services to issue points on your license. The conviction and points will show up on your driving record. 
The super speeder $200 fine can be paid separately through a portal on the Georgia Department of Driver Services website. This fee will need to be paid within 120 days—failure to do so will result in license suspension and a $50 reinstatement fee
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How to fight a speeding ticket in Georgia

You can choose to fight your speeding ticket if you feel the conviction was unfair or if you want to avoid getting points on your record or paying the fine. 
In Georgia, the only way to do this is to show up in court on the specified date. There, you can choose to plead guilty and pay the fine in person or you can plead not guilty and request a jury trial. You may also choose to plead nolo contendere. 

Pleading not guilty  

To contest your speeding ticket, you must appear in court on the day noted on the citation and plead not guilty. 
Once the judge has heard your plea, they will decide if your case will be scheduled for a trial by jury. Winning this trial will remove any consequences of the conviction—no points or violations will go on your record and you will not have to pay the fine. 
Many drivers in Georgia hire an attorney to improve their odds of winning this hearing. The attorney may be able to lessen or remove the fine on your behalf in court. It’s worth noting, however, that the attorney fee will often cost more than the ticket fine itself—primarily, you’ll want to explore this option to avoid the conviction.

Pleading Nolo Contendere 

If your speeding ticket is worth 3 points or less, you may also plead nolo contendere, or no contest. Essentially, this means that you don’t admit or contest your guilt, but agree to accept the punishment
As far as your driving record is concerned—a nolo plea is the same thing as a guilty plea. The ticket will be in your history, along with the speed you were driving, should anyone run a record check on you. 
A nolo plea can keep points off your license, however. If you already have several points on your license, this can be a useful way to prevent acquiring more. Remember—once you reach 15 points on your license in Georgia, your driving privileges will be suspended. 
You can only plead nolo once every five years, so it’s best to only use it when you need to.   

What if you can’t afford to pay your speeding ticket? 

If you can’t afford to pay your ticket, your best option in Georgia is to appear in court and request to do community service or a defensive driving course instead of the fine. 
Often, the judge will work with you to resolve your payment concerns. However, it is up to their discretion—they may still end up charging you the full fine
Key Takeaway: To fight your ticket in Georgia, you can plead not guilty or nolo contendere in court. Pleading not guilty might dismiss the fine and citation from your record if you win your case. Pleading nolo might keep points off your license, but the citation will still go on your record. 

Will a speeding ticket increase your insurance? 

If the court finds you guilty of your speeding ticket, your insurance premium will increase. For speeding offenses up to 15 mph you can expect your rate to raise by about 21%. Speeding tickets above 15 mph can increase rates by about 29%
Here are some examples of how much drivers’ premiums increased after receiving a speeding ticket in Georgia.
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While you won’t usually lose your license for speeding in Georgia, you can lose your license for having too many demerit points on it. 
Generally, points for speeding tickets in Georgia are distributed as follows: 
15 - 18 mph over the limit—2 points 
19 - 23 mph over the limit—3 points 
24 - 33 mph over the limit—4 points 
34 mph or more over the limit—6 points 
Once you acquire 15 points on your license in Georgia, your driving privileges will be suspended for 6 months. Therefore, if you get a speeding ticket and you’re nearing this threshold, you may want to try to fight the ticket in court or plead nolo if you can.
It’s worth trying to fight your ticket if you believe the citation was unfair and you can prove that you weren’t speeding. You can also argue that you were speeding less than what you were cited for, which can lower the points on your license and the percentage your insurance will increase. 
However, you will need to be able to back up your claims with evidence—if you don’t have any, it might just be easier to pay the fine.

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