How to Deal with Rising Gas Prices in Ohio

Ohio’s gas prices have shot up to about $4.45. While that number may be below the national average, it still hurts.
Written by Sophie Boka
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jun 06, 2022
Soaring gas prices across the country have seen the price of gas in
rise to an average of $4.45/gal. While less than the national average, Ohio’s prices are still higher than half the country’s, and that hurts.
Gas prices
over the past two years have left drivers dizzied. 2020 saw unfathomable lows, but as the nation reopened, numbers stabilized and gradually rose. Then, on March 8, 2022, the United States moved to ban all Russian oil and gas imports and our supplies plummeted and costs skyrocketed to the highest recorded in US history
"Relatively inexpensive" now means little. Ohio drivers have a high price to pay.
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may not be able to influence the price at the Ohio pump, but we can help you save on expenses like
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What is the average price of gas in Ohio?

As of May 2022,
averages Ohio’s price per gallon at $4.455. Compare that to the national average of $4.598 and the nation’s highest cost in
—$6.069. The lowest cost
$4.037—is still high, but those few fewer cents are enviable by Ohio standards.
Even within the state of Ohio, the impact on gas prices varies. Here’s the breakdown of Ohio’s cost per grade:
  • Regular: $4.455/gal
  • Mid-grade: $4.782/gal
  • Premium: $5.120/gal
  • Diesel: $5.241/gal
Trucks with diesel engines
and engines that take
premium fuel
are generally made to pay more per gallon and now is no exception.

Which city in Ohio has the highest gas prices?

Ohio’s price average represents a range of pricing at the local level. Currently, this range is fractional. But as we know, fractions can quickly add up at the pump. 
The cities hit hardest by the spike are
, and
, where averages start at $4.475/gal for regular. If you’re filling up with diesel, Belmont County drivers will pay up to $5.335/gal.
Prices are lowest in
, and
, with regular gas prices ranging between $4.400/gal and $4.434/gal.

Why are gas prices in Ohio so high?

Distribution, taxes, and seasonal trends are the primary factors that influence the cost of gas and contribute to Ohio’s gas prices
ranking 24th highest in the nation


Let’s review how the production and distribution of gas works—from crude to pump:
  • First, crude is imported or else domestically produced. 
  • Then the crude is transported to a refinery and turned into gasoline. 
  • Next, a pipeline carries the refined gasoline to storage.
  • From there, the gasoline is transported so it can be blended into the gas we then put into vehicles.
  • Trucks distribute this final product to gas stations.
Picking up on a common thread? Transport is a huge part of gas production. The further the gasoline has to move, the higher the cost. 


Gas is taxed on both the federal and state levels. The federal tax is the same in each state: about $.018/gal on regular and $.024/gal on diesel
State gas tax, on the other hand, varies by state.
state tax is only $0.04/gal. Meanwhile,
has the highest state tax, about $0.51/gal. Ohio’s state tax is $.038/gal.


Ohio gets some pretty serious Midwestern winters. Winter weather often leads to
worse road conditions
. Ohio winters also come with darker evenings thanks to daylight savings. All these factors lead to less driving during the day in the winter months. Less driving leads to less gas demand, which leads to lower prices. 
Now that we’ve sprung forward, we have better weather and more light. These factors lead to better driving conditions and more folks out for more of the day. This increase in summer leads to more demand, which can see a seasonal increase in prices.

How to deal with Ohio’s gas prices

With prices so high, what’s a driver to do? You still need to get where you need to go. 
Small savings here and there may not seem like much, but like a few cents on the Ohio gallon, they add up. Here are a few car-related hacks to help you increase your savings.
  • Comparison shop for gas: Gas prices can vary from station to station. Services like GasBuddy can help you compare prices to ensure you’re getting the lowest gas rate in your area.
  • Maintain that maintenance: High gas prices may tempt you to skip out on regular maintenance, but forgoing these expenses can lead to huge expenditures down the road. Invest in the health of your vehicle now to save later.
  • Get crafty with DIY repairs: Always save the
    big repairs for the professionals
    . You don’t want to pay more for a problem you made worse. As for the smaller stuff, the fix often lies in the palm of your hand—or your back pocket! The Internet is an endless resource for small DIY repairs, from switching out your wiper blades to changing your air filters.
  • Refinance your car loan: Car owners often spend big on loans. One way to decrease this spending is
    with a new lender. When you use the Jerry app, we can help you through the process! 
  • Switch your car insurance:
    Insurance rates are ever-changing.
    If you don’t keep your eye on the market, you could be overpaying. With Jerry, you can compare rates within seconds at no cost to you! 

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