How to Navigate the Gas Crisis in Kansas

At $4.11/gal, Kansas gas prices might not be as high as on the west coast, but you’ll definitely want to consider these money-saving tips.
Written by Jasmine Kanter
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
The average price for a gallon of gas in Kansas is currently $4.11. The state has been spared the worst of the fuel crisis thanks to its petroleum infrastructure and low tax rate, but it still pays to know how to reduce these uncharacteristic expenses.
It’s not exactly a secret—the U.S. is currently dealing with a fuel crisis. As government sanctions came down on Russia, worldwide oil prices shot up, and highs of over $100 per barrel have only been worsened by post-pandemic gas demands. We’ll leave it to policy experts and think tanks to figure out when and how it might end—but until then we can definitely help you
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What’s the average price of gas in Kansas?

As of May 2022,
recorded the average price of gas in Kansas at $4.11/gal. That’s only $0.489 shy of the national average, $4.60/gal. In contrast, buyers paid $2.83/gal at most last year.
That’s only a quarter of the story, of course—what about the prices for mid-grade, premium, and diesel? Here are the current average prices for every grade of fuel across Kansas: 
  • Regular: $4.111/gal
  • Mid-grade: $4.363/gal
  • Premium: $4.636/gal
  • Diesel: $5.130/gal
With prices like these, you might want to consider retiring your diesel truck or premium-only luxury car—at least for a little while.

Which city in Kansas has the highest gas prices?

Among Kansas’ five biggest cities, the three most expensive for regular gas are
, and
. Here, gas prices range from $4.097 to $4.138/gal for regular and $5.011 to $5.099/gal for diesel. The most expensive county to fuel up in is Morton, tucked away in the southwest corner with an average price of $4.302/gal.
The two least expensive cities to fuel up are
Kansas City
, with prices ranging from $4.061-$4.086/gal (regular) and $5.106-$5.166/gal (diesel). You’ll find lower prices in counties from the central south to the northeast, with the pumps in Leavenworth County charging an average of $3.965/gal.

What affects the price of gas in Kansas?

The price of gas in Kansas might come as a shock, but it’s about the same as what Californians paid on average last year. Gas prices have always varied widely across the nation. As Hugh Daigle, associate professor in the department of petroleum and geosystems engineering (University of Texas) explains: 
“We’re all subject, more or less, to the same crude oil prices. But a lot of the big drivers that cause [price] differences from state to state are distribution costs and state taxes.”
Before being delivered to the gas station, crude oil must pass through refineries, pipelines, storage terminals, and blending terminals. The location of each of these stops around the state can either shrink or balloon the finished product’s distribution cost. Kansas has three refineries and a total of 35,329 miles of distribution pipelines; Californian gas, on the other hand, travels over 200,000 miles of pipes.
In addition, every gallon of gas is subject to a state tax and a federal tax of 18 cents (or CPG) to fund highway construction. According to the
American Petroleum Institute
, Kansas’s fuel tax ranks near the bottom at 24.23 CPG for regular and 32.43 CPG for diesel. It helps that Kansas doesn’t require special, environmentally-friendly fuel blends at the pumps, another price premium.
And while production may be ebbing, the mid-2010s saw up to 49,504,847 barrels of crude oil extracted from Kansas’ geologic reserves. Driven by the Kansas Corporation Commission’s (KCC) pursuit of fracking and oil-well development, Kansas has produced quite a reserve of locally-produced gasoline.
Key Takeaway Gasoline in Kansas is cheaper than in other states because of low fuel taxes, efficient petroleum infrastructure, and a reserve of locally-produced gasoline.

How to find cheap gas in Kansas

Saving money on gas
in Kansas might require a bit of time investment, but just like comparison shopping for car insurance, the savings are totally worth it. Here’s how to keep your budget from going up with the gas prices: 
  • Find a cheap gas station: Okay, obviously, but how? Try using deal-finding tools like GasBuddy, GEICO’s cheap gas locator, or Waze. If you want to go the low-tech route, ask around for recommendations or browse local online forums on Facebook or Reddit.
  • Become a member: Organizations like
    include fuel savings in their perks. Certain credit cards will also reward you with cash back or discounts at the pumps.
  • Choose your timing: The demand for fuel rises as workers look to unwind on the road on weekends, causing prices to spike on Friday. Try to fuel up on Monday or Tuesday mornings to take advantage of short lineups and low prices.
  • Use public transportation: Buses and subways charge a mere fraction of the cost to fuel up your car. You can also carpool and split costs with your co-workers or friends.
  • Drive efficiently: Plan your trip to avoid unnecessary detours, avoid rush hour like the plague, and use cruise control to stick to the speed limit—braking and accelerating wastes a lot more gas.
  • Stay on top of your
    car's maintenance schedule
    : Skipping an oil change is an easy way to save money, right? Wrong! Neglecting your car’s health will only lead to more expensive repairs down the road. If you’re allergic to the mechanic, why not learn to do simple maintenance yourself?
  • Consider an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle: Besides a
    federal tax credit of up to $7,500
    , EVs and PHEVs could reduce your fuel costs by 15-100%! Just remember to keep your driving short and slow around town.
  • Cut your monthly costs: If you can’t get rid of your
    car loans
    and insurance bills entirely, the next best thing is to reduce them—did you know Jerry offers refinancing services as well as quote-comparison shopping tools? It only takes 45 seconds to sign up and start browsing your savings.

Finding affordable car insurance in Kansas

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