How to Deal with Rising Gas Prices in Hawaii

Hawaii’s gas prices are the second-highest in the country at $5.344 per gallon, but you can save more with better car insurance.
Written by Christelle Agustin
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
The current gas price in
is the second-highest in the nation, next to
. Causes of the price hike point to the rising cost of crude oil, as well as Hawaii’s large population of car owners and single-driver commuters. 
Due to the ban on Russian gas and oil imports in March 2022, gas prices have skyrocketed all over the world, including in Hawaii. As a result, the oil industry, gas stations, and drivers have been left to scramble. With Hawaii already having to pay some of the highest costs for gas in the country, drivers are watching prices closely. 
To help fellow Hawaiians deal, we've put together a guide to Hawaii’s gas prices. We’ll take a look at the reasons for soaring prices, as well as how to save money on car-related expenses, like
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What is the average price of gas in Hawaii?

The average price of gas in Hawaii is $5.344/gallon, according to
. That’s 0.777 cents more than the national average and 0.706 cents below the average in California, the most expensive state for gas.
The cheapest gas is regular unleaded and continues to increase by two cents as you go up a grade, with diesel gas being the most expensive. Here are the gas prices in Hawaii by grade:
  • Regular: $5.344/gal
  • Mid-grade: $5.548/gal
  • Premium: $5.790/gal
  • Diesel: $5.908/gal
Truck owners who use diesel bear the heaviest burden with a nearly $6 price on gas per gallon. 

Which city in Hawaii has the highest gas prices?

Hawaii is made up of multiple islands, so the averages vary by county. You will find the highest average price of gas in the county of Kauai at $5.693/gal and $6.259/gal for diesel. 
Drivers in Honolulu are a hair luckier with averages of $5.246/gal for regular and $5.732/gal for diesel. 

Why are gas prices in Hawaii so high?

Why is Hawaii topping the list of highest gas prices in the country, while states like
pay $4.026/gal and
While the recent ban on Russian imports is one thing, other factors are at play when it comes to how much you’re paying at the gas station.
According to the
U.S. Energy Information Administration
, 60% of gas prices are controlled by the price of crude oil. But what exactly is it? Crude oil is the main ingredient that makes petroleum products like gas and diesel fuel possible. However, due to COVID-19, refineries have been dwindling in workers, resulting in shutdowns. The result is low supply but high demand for crude oil, which drives high gas prices.
Back in Hawaii, driving is the number one method of commuting,according to a
2015 report
on Hawaii’s commuting patterns. A total of 66% of the population opt not only to drive but to drive alone. This means more cars on the road, more road congestion, and more demand for gas. This leaves carpooling and public transit as the least popular ways to commute. 
With an influx of cars daily, the average driver in Hawaii commutes for 27.4 minutes, nearly on par with the national average of 27.6 minutes. Here’s a look at how much time residents of each county spend commuting to work on average: 
  • Honolulu: 29.1 minutes 
  • Hawaii: 25 minutes
  • Kauai 22.3 minutes
  • Maui: 21.6 minutes
While three out of four counties are below the national average for commuting, this may change very soon. As more companies bounce back from work from policies and ask employees to come into the office a few times a week, more cars and public transit passengers will be welcomed back on the road. 
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How to deal with Hawaii’s gas prices

Insanely high gas prices are a global issue and aren’t unique to Hawaii, so what else can you do? 
It’s easy to feel hopeless about gas prices staying high, but remember that fuel is only one part of your car-related expenses! From
basic car maintenance
switching insurance companies
, here are a handful of ways you can save money: 
  • Keep your car maintained: With the colossal amount you’re paying for a gallon of gas, you may be tempted to stop keeping up with regular maintenance, but don’t even think about it! Regular
    oil changes
    and annual check-ups will keep you and your car safer in the long run. 
  • Learn DIY
    car repair
    skills: Not all repairs require
    —some can be done right at home! With an endless selection of YouTube tutorials and how-tos, doing air filter replacements, wiper fluid refills, and good old cleanings yourself will save you heaps.
  • Refinance your car loan: A good chunk of car expenses go towards monthly
    car loan
    payments. Cut them down by refinancing your loan with a new lender. When you sign up with Jerry, make use of refinancing services.
  • Don’t idle your car: The humid heat of Hawaii makes your air-conditioned car a safe haven, but don’t keep your car on more than necessary. Keeping your engine running burns through gas, and you don’t want to waste that liquid gold away.
  • Switch insurance companies: Insurance rates aren’t stable, like gas prices. Experts recommend
    switching your car insurance policy every six months
    —and when you join Jerry, you’ll be saving in less than a minute!

Save money on car insurance in Hawaii

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