Four Coolest Volvo Concept Cars

Volvo’s concept cars sit perfectly at the intersection of comfort and creativity, like the Concept Estate that borrows aesthetically from the classic Swedish living room.
Written by Joshua Levy
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
is already known for its premium cars, luxury features, and professional feel. But even well-established manufacturers need to innovate if they want to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why Volvo is always designing new concept vehicles—like the Concept XC Coupe—to attract new customers.
Concept cars are an imaginative aspect of car manufacturing where creativity and innovation intersect. While most concept cars never make it passed the drawing board, some outstanding ideas may just make it to the market. 
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Concept XC Coupe 

The XC Coupe is Volvo’s big idea for breaking into the sports adventure market. Featuring a mix of power, offroad capabilities, and Volvo’s classic premium feel, the XC Coupe is meant as an adventure vehicle for the professional on the go. 
The Concept Coupe was also largely inspired by high-tech sports equipment and modern athletics, so it includes versatile features like a weatherproof interior and a simple exterior that blends well with almost any environment.
Designed in the image of classic Swedish aesthetics, the coupe is fairly simple. The sleek silver body flows smoothly from front to back, interrupted only by the seams of two side doors and the soft glow of two red brake lights. Without any major juts or indentations, the XC Coupe thrives on simplicity.

Concept Estate

Building on its love and appreciation for Swedish Aesthetics, the Concept Estate is designed in the image of a Swedish living room—a place so functional and comfortable you won’t want to leave. That said, the Concept Estate may be more comfortable than a standard living room. 
Subtle details like umber seatbelts and soft off-grey seats give the interior a homey feel, while sleek components and chrome details make the car feel modern. To support the interior feel is a basic exterior that calls back to classic station wagons with a modern twist. The spacious car’s body is adorned with nothing but a simple
paint job
, which helps the car feel bigger than it is.
While Volvo may never release the Estate as it is, we sure hope they do.

Concept Coupe

Calling back to design elements from the 1960s, Volvo’s Concept Coupe is what James Bond would drive to work if he wanted to look good for a big meeting. The Concept Coupe features a sleek black interior and professional dark grey exterior with what appear to be soft leather seats. 
The thin LED headlights may be bright, but the low placement and subtle design help it stand out as a luxury car. Aiding the Coupe’s impressive presence are the tinted glass windows that extend from the front seat to the back, mimicking the same executive feeling you might get when you watch a limo pull up to your airport terminal. 
While information about the Concept Coupe’s performance specs is somewhat limited, we can only hope the performance will match the aesthetic. 

Concept 40.1

Volvo’s Concept 40.1 is truly a vision of the future, packing all the power and capabilities of a full-size SUV into a compact unit. Think of it as taking a
Toyota Sequoia
and shrinking it to the size of a reasonable city car. 
Concept 40.1 is built to serve a new community of consumers who seek out urban areas and vacation in rural places. With a size and maneuverability of a city car and the power of an offroad vehicle, Concept 40.1 truly does take a practical approach to the future of driving. 
Between its intent as a city SUV and its sleek exterior aesthetic, Concept 40.1 is already catching our attention.

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